Why Google Lens is needed

The Google ecosystem is made up of a large number of applications and services. So big that it didn't even need hardware solutions to be self-sufficient. Of course, smart speakers Google Nest and smartphones Google Pixel are very technological and convenient, but agree that both the Google Assistant and Android, which form the basis of these devices, would easily exist without them. However, Google also has applications that remain misunderstood by many users, despite the clearly wide range of functionality.

Why Google Lens is needed

Google Lens is a very versatile and useful tool

The Google Lens (download) that everyone is asking about so often is a versatile tool based on the work of the camera and artificial intelligence. If you try to narrow the definition as much as possible, it turns out that this is an application for recognizing everything that surrounds you. Literally everything. Here's just a small list of what Google Lens can do:

What Google Lens Can Do

  • Search for various kinds of goods on the Internet by their images;
  • Scan barcodes for product information;
  • Convert business cards to phone numbers in the address book;
  • Get acquainted with the summary of the book by scanning its title;
  • Add event information by scanning a flyer or invitation;
  • Identify a point of interest and view historical facts, opening hours and other useful information;
  • Identify the painting in the museum and tell about the artist;
  • Identify a plant or animal by finding the information you need on the Internet.

As you can see, the range of actions available to Google Lens is quite extensive. Thanks to the support of artificial intelligence and an extensive Google database, the application can easily recognize objects, correlate them with specific events and provide additional information on them. However, this is not all. Google Lens works great with text. For example, it can translate foreign text on signs, banners, advertisements and even books, and it also does an excellent job of recognizing handwritten text and then translating it into a printed format.

How to recognize lens objects on Android

Why Google Lens is needed

Google Lens can even recognize handwritten text

Google Lens (download) is part of the Google Assistant by default. Therefore, if you use the voice assistant, you do not need to install Lens as a standalone application. You just have to say 'Ok Google' and in the lower right corner of the screen, click on the lens icon in the lower right corner, and then scan the desired object. Some smartphones, such as the Google Pixel, already have a 'Lens' built into the camera app, making it even easier for their owners.

Scanning objects with Google Lens is very simple:

  • Launch Google Lens and point the camera at an object;
  • Click on it on the smartphone screen to mark the boundaries;

Why Google Lens is needed

Scan objects in Google Lens can be turned on directly in the Google Assistant

  • Or, calling the Google Assistant, say the query 'What is this?', 'What is the height of this object?' etc. and scan the item.

If you, like me, use Alice from Yandex, then it's best for you to get hold of Google Lens as a separate application. Despite the fact that the service is built into both Google Chrome and Google Photos, it is much more convenient to be able to launch it right away, rather than scouring the application interface in search of the desired button. With the help of Google Lens, I identify objects whose names I do not know or am not sure about, search for the products I need, which I see as pictures without names, and translate foreign text when traveling abroad.

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