Why are some online gamers more successful than others?

Over the past few years, mobile games have seriously evolved: the level of graphics has become completely different, tasks are more difficult, and the pleasure of the game is greater. But despite all this, as practice shows, few people have been playing the same game for 5-7 years. Reaching a certain level and receiving top items from Warframe, World of Warcraft or ships in EVE Online, the player loses the goal of the game. Therefore, some create for themselves several heroes and start pumping them over and over again. But why are some players more successful than others, even if they play less time?


And it's not about playing time

In some online games, you can compensate for your insufficient playing time with the help of in-app purchases – players buy themselves weapons, game currency, and much more for real money. As a result, with less gaming experience, they look like they have been playing for a very long time. However, in many games there are no in-app purchases, and in fact the players are equal in their capabilities.

What is RNG

Often in gaming circles, the outlandish word RNG slips. It stands for Random Number Generator or Random Number Generator. Usually this word slips when some player is very lucky and he gets a rare item (sword, armor or something else) from the first, second or third time.

The essence of RNG is that there is a certain probability for each game event. For World of Warcraft, for example, there are special add-ons that immediately show the chance of an item dropping after winning a battle. For some items, this probability is 0.5%, and in some cases it drops to 0.1% or even lower! For example, the chance of getting the legendary sword Zin Rok, Destroyer of Worlds in Wow is 1 in 1500. This is such a rare item that it even binds to a user account.


Zin'rok, Destroyer of Worlds

How PNG affects item drops

But RNG has its drawbacks, and the keyword here is 'random'. That is, one player can 'accidentally' drop an object even with a small chance of getting it from 2,3 or 5 times. And the other will play for several years, a new update with other items will already be released, and he will never receive the cherished sword. It is not surprising that many abandon the game for this reason, it is very demoralizing.

Stock exchange

One of the exchanges for trading in-game items

Trade everything: lay out RS gold for sale, Warframe or Fortnite accounts. Initially, the moderators tried to somehow combat this, but then they realized that it was useless, and now they no longer interfere with market relations between the players. Large online games have long had their own economy, their own exchange rates, crises and even inflation.

Although the virtual economy is primarily concerned with in-game currencies and goods, it has already expanded to sell real currency. For example, between December 2017 and January 2018, more than 34,000 land plots were sold at one real estate auction. What was strange about these deals was that there was no real estate in the real world.

It was all completely virtual.

All of these plots were being sold for an emerging digital city that could only be accessed through a browser. Thanks to a developed trading platform and the wonders of cryptocurrency, auctions have brought in tens of millions of dollars.


Games now have their own economy

Therefore, between players of online games, real money relations are increasingly emerging on specialized exchanges. Of course, you can't beat the RNG, but at least this way the players can equalize their chances, and everyone wins.

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