Where to repair smartphones Huawei, Honor and Samsung quarantined

Despite the fact that the Government of the Russian Federation has obliged to close the vast majority of shops and businesses in quarantine, many of them have found a way to bypass the restriction. Electronics stores closed to casual shoppers, but continued to operate as pick-up points, while clothing stores and restaurants began delivering their products by courier. Only service centers providing equipment repairs could not fit into the new rules. However, this does not mean that if you are suddenly faced with a factory marriage of your smartphone or, what good, broke it on your own, you will not have the opportunity to get qualified help from specialists.

Where to repair smartphones Huawei, Honor and Samsung quarantined

Smartphone repair is available even in quarantine if you are a customer Huawei, Honor or Samsung

Russian representative offices of companies Huawei, Honor and Samsung have launched a program for the delivery of branded equipment from users to repair shops. It is valid until May 31 and involves the departure of a courier to your home, who will pack the device and send it to the service center. So far, within the framework of the program, you can donate smartphones, headphones and other wearable devices. But tablets, laptops and other devices are out of the question. Perhaps the list of gadgets accepted for repair through the courier delivery service will be expanded if the program shows its effectiveness.

Repair of smartphones Huawei and Honor

Where to repair smartphones Huawei, Honor and Samsung quarantined Where to repair smartphones Huawei, Honor and Samsung quarantined

For Huawei courier delivery of devices requiring repair is free for both warranty and non-warranty cases. That is, even if you broke your smartphone yourself and want to install a new display, back panel, or simply decide that the battery has already worn out and needs to be replaced, you will not be charged a penny for the fact of delivery, as well as in the case of signs of production marriage. After repair, the device will be disinfected and also delivered to you by courier.

To return a device Huawei or Honor for repair, you will need to contact the technical support service. True, there is a nuance here. If you suspect that the repair will be under warranty (these are cases when the device has failed or partially lost its functions without your participation), call 8-800-700-16-06 (Huawei) or 8-800-700-16-77 (Honor). And if the repair is out of warranty (the damage was due to your fault or normal wear and tear), the application will need to be left on the website Huawei or on the website Honor. After that, you will be contacted to clarify the time of the courier's departure. The repair will take from 5 working days, including round-trip delivery.

Samsung Smartphone Repair

Where to repair smartphones Huawei, Honor and Samsung quarantined

Samsung's delivery terms are not as loyal as Huawei

But Samsung has different conditions. The Russian office of the company also offers free shipping, but only for those users who have a valid warranty or an active Samsung Care + supplementary protection certificate. That is, if the damage is due to the owner's fault, you should not wait for free delivery. However, if you meet the voiced criterion, call the technical support service at 8-800-555-55-55 or follow this link and contact the company representatives in the online chat. There you will be provided with further instructions.

Both Samsung and Huawei have a fairly wide geography of remote maintenance. Despite the fact that Huawei does not indicate the exact number of regions where delivery is valid, I personally looked through the list of available cities and found out that there are quite a few of them. Samsung claims that residents of more than 100 cities will be able to use the program. But if Huawei repairs are carried out in Moscow at Orion service centers, then Samsung has workshops throughout Russia, and therefore, most likely, no one will take your smartphone to the capital. Therefore, the repair time will be shorter – only 3-5 days.

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