20 reasons to buy iPhone XR

New iPhone XR On October 26, sales of iPhone XR started in Russia. This is one of the most anticipated smartphones from Apple this year. Among the X-series iPhones, the XR is the “least flagship” model, but we're confident it will be more popular than its older siblings.

This phone is a compromise solution for those who do not want to spend money on the expensive flagship XS Max and XS. Today we are going to tell you about 20 features of the new iPhone XR that should help you decide on a purchase.


Let's compare the price iPhone XR and XS.

IPhone XR Price

The price for the iPhone XR starts at 64,990 rubles. for the model with 64GB of internal memory. Compared to 87,990 rubles. for iPhone XS with 64GB – the difference is impressive. If 64GB is not enough for you, you can pay 4 thousand for the option with 128GB. Should I take the 256GB model? Only if you shoot 4K video in large volumes.

And here are the prices for the XS version:

IPhone XS price

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The display size iPhone of the XR may appear large at 6.1 inches. But not in comparison with the XS Max, which has a 6.5-inch display.

Screen size iPhone XR, XS

However, this is not the only difference. As you can see in the photo above, the XR model has a regular IPS matrix (Liquid Retina). The screen is not bad, but the resolution of 828 × 1792 pixels is not enough for a 6.1-inch screen.

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Unlike most manufacturers, Apple does not purchase processors for their smartphones from third-party mobile device manufacturers.

A12 Bionic processor

One of the main novelties of the flagship devices from Apple is the proprietary A12 Bionic processor, which the XS and XS Max are equipped with. That is, you get a top-end (to date) processor, made according to the 7nm process technology, for a much lower cost. The only difference in the XR hardware from the XS and XS Max is the amount of RAM, the XR has 3GB, and the XS and XS Max have 4GB each. If you run all 3 devices in Geekbench, then you will notice that the XR takes less time to pass the test, and in terms of indicators it outperforms its brothers.

Geekbench iPhone metrics

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Wide angle camera

Wide-angle camera iPhone XR

There is no point in comparing the XR, XS and XS Max cameras, since they are the same: the same modules, lenses. Perhaps the only difference is the presence of a dual camera in the XS and XS Max. Therefore, we will take the regular X-version as a “competitor”.

In favor of choosing iPhone XR can serve as a large camera sensor with a large pixel size (compared to iPhone X), as well as a wide-angle lens, which will allow you to take clearer pictures, even in low light .

Comparison of the matrix Iphone X and XR

Below you can see the difference between the photos taken with iPhone X and XR:

Photo iPhone X and XR comparison

Having enlarged the obtained photos, the main difference is immediately noticeable, due to the larger matrix and the higher contrast of the images, the images on the XR look much sharper.

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Apple did not forget about the upgrade of the front camera of the smartphone, which got the ability to shoot video in resolution Full HD, 60 FPS, which is very good for a “budget” smartphone.

Front camera resolution iPhone XR

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Animoji and Memoji

True Depht technology now supports Animoji and Memoji – animated emoji in the form of animals and human faces that will mimic your current facial expression and turn your head with you, and in the same direction. Unlike Animoji, users will be able to customize Memoji by choosing skin color, hair color, hairstyle and various head accessories.

The way the new emoji works is to scan the movements of different parts of your face: eyebrows, cheeks, chin, eyes, jaw, lips and mouth.

Emoji in the new iPhone XR

The resulting data is transmitted to your Animoji / Memoji avatars, allowing them to reproduce your emotions and facial expressions as accurately as possible. These avatars can be shared with friends via messages and the FaceTime app.

There are a large number of Animoji to choose from: monkey, robot, dog, panda, etc., and with Memoji you can create countless avatars.

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Portrait mode

While the XR version lacks a dual camera, you can still use portrait mode. Thus, iPhone XR became the first single camera iPhone to which this mode is available. But the photos will still be different, since the effect of depth of field is achieved not due to the second camera, but due to the GPU of the device.

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Adjusting the amount of background blur

Along with the portrait mode, it became possible to adjust the degree of background blur when shooting in portrait mode.

In the photo below, you can see the difference between the minimum (f1.4 ) and maximum (f16 ) depth values.

Camera photo iPhone XR blur


Blur iPhone XR background


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Smart HDR

All new ones iPhone support Smart HDR mode, XR is no exception. How does he work? Technical terms aside, Smart HDR can help you capture better quality photos when there are very bright or very dark elements in the frame.

Smart HDR mode on iPhone XR

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Stereo sound recording

With two microphones in the iPhone XR, you can record stereo sound when shooting video.

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Extended dynamic range

As with the XS, when recording video, the iPhone XR offers an extended dynamic range of 30fps, which helps to get better quality in low light.

Shooting video on iPhone XR

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Improved Face ID

As you know, the latest iPhone models have received Face ID of the second generation. The updated technology is much faster than its original version. Now you can definitely forget about long passwords, just one glance to unlock your smartphone.

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Color options

One of the most noticeable differences between the iPhone XR and XS is the number of color options. Apple offers a choice of 6 colors: white, black, blue, yellow, coral and deep red, part of the proceeds of which goes to the Global Fund to Fight AIDS.

Color Options iPhone XR

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Branded Wallpaper iPhone XR

Each new generation iPhone is accompanied by themed wallpapers, symbolizing one of the main principles of the company. The wallpaper for iPhone XR features soap bubbles in different colors, which means that even simple materials can be used to create something very beautiful.

Wallpapers for iPhone XR

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Liquid Retina display

iPhone The XR is equipped with an improved LCD – a 6.1-inch IPS display with a resolution of 1792×828 pixels, which they named Liquid Retina.

Despite the fact that the phone does not OLED display, the display iPhone XR supports most of the company's technological innovations. However, it has all the disadvantages of an IPS matrix. Overall, this is a very good and quality display.

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So we come to the most interesting part. Typically top models iPhone are equipped with the highest mAh battery among the other options. Therefore, people without much hesitation take the most flagship model. In our case, this is iPhone XS Max, right? No!

Battery Comparison iPhone XR, XS, XS Max

iPhone XR is the most autonomous, “long-playing” smartphone among all existing models iPhone: up to 25 hours of talk time, up to 15 hours of surfing the Internet, up to 16 hours of watching videos and up to 65 hours listening to audio files.

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No home button

One of the X-series innovations is the absence of a physical home button. How does the XR perform all the functions that the Home button was responsible for?

The physical key was replaced by gesture control. For example, you can make a short swipe up to go to the menu of running applications; swiping left-right will allow you to quickly switch between apps, etc.

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Turn on by tap

Now, to unlock your smartphone, you just need to touch the screen.

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Haptic Touch

The latest innovation in iPhone XR is Haptic Touch, which came to replace 3D Touch. However, is this really new technology or is the old technology just given a new name?

In fact, Haptic Touch is a long press with vibration. In general, this is a worthy replacement for 3D Touch, the functionality of which is still limited.

This is the end of our review of the main features of iPhone XR. This is a very decent smartphone. Should I buy it or not? You decide.

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