Whatsapp on Android can be killed with one message. Again

Do you know what death messages are? For those who have never had iPhone, let me explain. This is a special combination of characters from rarely used alphabets that can be sent via any messenger to the user iOS, and it is guaranteed to freeze the operating system. This is due to the fact that the platform is unable to process the sent message by matching its contents with unicode characters. This provokes a conflict, and the smartphone either hangs up tightly or goes into an endless reboot. But on Android this also occurs, albeit within the framework of WhatsApp.


WhatsApp can be killed with one message. Interesting?

A new batch of death messages began to spread on the Web, which disable the mobile version of WhatsApp, which is unable to process it correctly. This happens if one user sends a message with unreadable characters for the messenger to another, who will open it on a smartphone. Despite the fact that the mobile version of WhatsApp is vulnerable to this kind of messages, the desktop and web versions are completely unaffected by them, and therefore can be used to send 'text bombs'.

WhatsApp crashes to Android

Death Messages on WhatsApp

This is how those death messages look like

According to users who have become victims of death messages on WhatsApp, at the moment such a message arrives, the messenger simply crashes. Of course, very few users stop application crash from reading what is written. As a result, he launches WhatsApp again, but this time the messenger does not just crash, but, as they say in modern slang, 'hangs up' the smartphone itself. And then, as you are lucky – either the smartphone will sag and allow the application to close, or it will freeze until it is hard reset.

There is only one way to get WhatsApp back to work – delete the messenger from the device and reinstall it. It would seem that there is no logic in these actions, because the correspondence is stored not on users' devices, but in the cloud. It really is. But when you delete the messenger, the correspondence is erased and does not appear automatically when you reinstall it. You can restore it, but only by installing a backup, which is saved to Google Drive. In this case, all correspondence will be restored, and the death message will not appear and will no longer cause any inconvenience.

Death Messages for WhatsApp

Remove WhatsApp

Only deleting WhatsApp can save him

I think you've noticed that the title contains the meaningful adverb 'again'. The fact is that this is not the first such case that WhatsApp crashes due to the so-called death message. Frankly, this happens almost every year. It's just that enthusiasts, who even have their own groups, are purposefully looking for certain symbols that can hang the messenger itself. They then launch large-scale attacks against ordinary users, preventing them from interacting with WhatsApp. What for? We have no definite answer to this question.

Is it possible to somehow protect yourself from death messages in advance? Obviously, there is no one hundred percent method here and cannot be. Another thing is that your acquaintances most likely will not do this if everything is in order with their heads, and attackers, before intruding into your chat, will have to take your number somewhere. Therefore, perhaps the only recommendation that can be given here is not to leave your personal number anywhere, but to use a spare number for ads on the Internet, which should not be tied to messengers.

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