Galaxy S20 Ultra vs. iPhone 11 Pro Max: camera comparison

Samsung yesterday unveiled the Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20 + and Galaxy Ultra. The new flagships haven't received any major improvements over last year's lineup, so owners of the Galaxy S10 and even the S9 shouldn't worry – your phones are still up to date. Many may argue that in the S20, the company allegedly significantly improved the quality of photos. That's right, but let's compare the S20 Ultra in photo and video quality with the iPhone 11 Pro Max to see how much better or worse the new Korean flagship does its job.

Galaxy S20 Ultra vs. iPhone 11 Pro Max: camera comparison

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra vs iPhone 11 Pro Max

So let's start comparing:

From the video above, you can understand that there is no difference in quality between iPhone 11 Pro and S20 Ultra.

In the second video, I also don't notice much difference between the devices. In some scenes, there is a difference in color rendition, but nothing more.

In the video above, you can clearly see at the beginning of the video that the S20 Plus is worse at stabilizing video. There are slight twitching of the picture, while in iPhone 11 Pro everything is extremely smooth. The quality of the photo in the third video also does not show any serious differences. All plus or minus is the same. Perhaps the Galaxy handles blur a little better.

Thus, we came to the conclusion that there is no difference in photo quality between the devices. And this despite the fact that iPhone 11 Pro was introduced last fall. Many hyat Apple for offering their flagships at an obscenely high price, but the Galaxy S20 Ultra is priced at $ 1,399, while the 11 Pro Max can be purchased for $ 1,099. Who in this situation will say that Apple inflates the prices of their gadgets? Against the background of Samsung, on the contrary, the Cupertinos look more modest.

The Galaxy S20 Ultra uses a 108MP f / 1.8 main module, a 48MP f / 3.5 periscope camera, a 12MP f / 2.2 wide-angle module and a 40MP f / 2.2 front camera.

The S20 Ultra uses pixel binning technology to output 12MP photos with improved image quality from a 108MP sensor.

What is pixel binning?

Galaxy S20 Ultra vs. iPhone 11 Pro Max: camera comparison

Pixel binning

This is a combination of several physical pixels into 1 software. For example, the S20 Ultra combines 9 small pixels into one, which makes photos appear brighter and more colorful. The company uses a similar binning technology in its devices Xiaomi.

In the S20 Ultra, binning is also used in the front camera by combining 4 pixels into one, the output from the 40MP matrix is ​​a 10MP photo.

In practice, you can see that Samsung binning does not help much, given that last year's flagship Apple demonstrates exactly no less attractive results.

Perhaps the Koreans will be able to attract with an extremely good 100x approach, which she boasts so much. The device uses a 48MP periscope camera.

What is a periscope camera?

Corephotonics is developing such a camera and it looks like this:

Galaxy S20 Ultra vs. iPhone 11 Pro Max: camera comparison

Periscope camera

You may notice that such a camera uses a mirror that projects the image onto a matrix located perpendicularly. This allows you to use more distance between the lenses and get a closer look at the output. Detailed information about the new periscope camera can be viewed in this material.

Should you buy the S20 or is it better iPhone?

In my opinion, you shouldn't overpay for the S20 and you can settle for iPhone 11 Pro Max, saving a couple of hundred dollars. You won't notice much difference in quality, besides, video stabilization at iPhone is better.

It is interesting to know what you think about the comparison of the S20 camera and iPhone 11. Share your opinion in the comments and do not forget about our Telegram chat.

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