What to do if it starts to slow down Android – smartphone

Many users have noticed that their smartphones start to perform worse over time. Someone blames this on artificial aging on the part of the manufacturer. Others try not to notice this, and only a few think about why this is happening. In this article, we'll break down a few common reasons why your beloved Galaxy S4 doesn't perform as well as the Huawei P40 Pro. Even if what is said in the article does not help you speed up your smartphone, it will at least give you an understanding of why this is happening. Knowing this, you can change a lot and, possibly, save your nerves and money. If your smartphone is more than two years old, the article will be most relevant for you.

What to do if it starts to slow down Android - smartphone

When the smartphone slows down, it is very frustrating for many.

The examples given are not a rating, which shows exactly what affects the speed of the smartphone more. Maybe someone has one reason, and someone else, but 99 percent of the time, one of the points will work for you.

Why viruses are dangerous for Android

Many smartphones on Android are infected with viruses. Often the user doesn't even know this. I hasten to calm you down. In most cases, these viruses are safe for you, as they simply will not steal your bank cards and other valuable data.

If they do this, they can immediately “burn”. As a result, they will be thrown out of the corporate application store. Instead, it is much easier for them to just slip ads on the user and make money on it. On the one hand, there is nothing formally illegal in this, and on the other hand, the user may not even notice the presence of such an application. This is the ideal path for any virus to develop. Receiving benefits when the user does not even know about it.

However, due to background activity, such viruses cause the system to run slower and the battery to drain faster. To avoid this, you need to perform several actions, which I talked about a few days ago.

What to do if it starts to slow down Android - smartphone

It is necessary to fight viruses not only around you, but also on your smartphone.

If it works, it will already help your smartphone run faster.

Applications in the background

Often, users allow applications to run in the background. For example, activity trackers, email clients and others. They also require system resources for their work. Although they have no malicious intent, you need to analyze what you need and turn off the unnecessary.

This will again save battery power and make your device run faster. And at the same time it will heat up less. By the way, third-party launchers, themes and dynamic wallpapers can also slow down your smartphone.

Over time, such applications accumulate and it seems to the user that the smartphone works worse.

Why update apps

Keep in mind that three years ago, applications were not as demanding as they are now. Even instant messengers can strain the system pretty much.

If you bought a smartphone 3-4 years ago and did not change the list of used applications, but regularly update them, you have increased the overall level of load on the system. The same happens when updating the firmware. New features require more resources.

This is clearly visible if you find an old smartphone at home that has not been updated for a long time. For example, I once found iPhone 4S with the original firmware version and a minimal set of applications of that time. So, he worked very quickly. It was hard to say that almost 10 years have passed since its release.

How to clear smartphone memory

If your smartphone's memory is 90 percent or more full, this will be a great excuse for it to start slowing down. That is why it is better to choose a model with a large amount of built-in memory.

What to do if it starts to slow down Android - smartphone

Invest in a good memory card. The whole smartphone will work better with it.

This is also true for memory cards. If it is large and 95 percent full, the smartphone will be heavier. Also, do not save on a memory card. The speed options will work much better. In this case, not only the speed of saving will increase, but also the overall speed of the system, since it will experience less resistance. Especially if you are shooting video in high definition, which takes up a lot of space.

A clogged registry also leaves its mark, but you should not use applications to clean it. You can either delete something unnecessary, or face a problem from the first paragraph.

Low smartphone performance

I'll stay a little Cap. An old smartphone can slow down due to the fact that it is old. That is, the old weak iron does not work well.

Besides, any boards and chips also wear out. This is especially noticeable if they often overheat. Materials begin to lose their properties and can no longer provide the same level of signal transmission as before. That is, if you constantly overheated your smartphone and operated it in harsh conditions, it really could start to work worse.

Battery wear can also take its toll. If it does not work very well, the controller can reduce the efficiency of the system. At the same time, no one will even warn you about this.

What to do if it starts to slow down Android - smartphone

Of course, this is an extreme, but before it bloated, it already had an impact on the speed of the smartphone.

What to do if you drop your smartphone

The last point is something that is not at all obvious to many. I'm talking about physical damage. Such damage, in which everything works at once, but then stops.

These can be falls, due to which the contacts of a chip could be damaged. This happens all the time. I talked to people from the services and they say that they are often contacted with such micro-damage. True, they usually refer to communication systems, such as antennas.

Also, if you dropped your smartphone into the water, but immediately took it out and it works, you should not rejoice ahead of time. The water got inside anyway. When it dries, it will leave salt and alkali in its place, which will corrode the delicate joints of the boards. Over time, this leads to slowdowns or complete failure of equipment. You can face this if you like to take your smartphone with you to the bathroom. I've already talked about this.

Better do not spare a couple of thousand rubles and go to the service, where your smartphone will be disassembled and completely eliminated traces of water exposure.

Take care of your smartphone and remember that the speed of launching applications still depends on your mood. If the mood is bad, then everything seems bad, and vice versa. You shouldn't forget about this either. Tomorrow everything can “start” to work better.

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