We need smartphones with removable batteries

Are you satisfied with how the smartphone market is developing today? I mean how quickly or, on the contrary, slowly new technologies are being introduced and how justified are the changes that modern devices undergo. By and large, I have no complaints about smartphones. I'm even ready to accept the fact that up to half of the rear panel area of ​​the new flagships is occupied by a camera – in the end, this has a positive effect on the quality of photo and video shooting. But non-removable batteries, in my opinion, are a real problem that needs to be addressed.

We need smartphones with removable batteries

10 years ago I could change the battery in my phone myself, but now I can't

EU authorities are working on a bill that will oblige manufacturers to change the design of their smartphones so that users can replace batteries on their own without having to go to service centers. This, firstly, will seriously reduce the cost of this procedure, since it does not require the use of specially trained people for its implementation, and, secondly, it will extend the life of smartphones, thereby reducing the appearance of technical waste and hazardous emissions into the atmosphere due to their disposal. .

Replace battery iPhone

We need smartphones with removable batteries

Anything can happen to the battery and the user should be able to replace it

She was one of the first to introduce Apple the principle of releasing smartphones with built-in batteries, which cannot be seized on their own. Cupertino decided that the user should not interfere with the operation of smartphones, even if we are talking about such a simple manipulation in its essence as replacing batteries. Subsequently, this limitation received another argument, which consisted in the need to ensure the watertightness of the case, which was almost impossible to achieve with removable parts. But you and I are smart people and will not be led by the admonitions of a company whose purpose is to make money. Is not it?

I don't know about you, but I want my smartphone to have a collapsible design and allow you to install a new battery when the degree of wear of the old one reaches a critical level. After all, the lack of the ability to do it yourself really reduces the service life of mobile gadgets. First of all, this, oddly enough, is due to the high (relatively, of course) cost of replacing the battery in service centers.

How much does it cost to replace the battery

Most often, the cost of this service ranges from 1.5 to 4 thousand rubles, depending on the smartphone model. Not to say that this is some kind of outrageous amount, but for the most part, users refuse to spend it and either continue to put up with a reduction in battery life, or buy a battery on AliExpress and change it on their own, or carry it to unauthorized SCs, where, although they do not give no guarantees, but they do it quickly and cheaply.

The thing is that, in the minds of most people, a two-three-year-old smartphone acquires the status of an old device. Not only does it start working for 3-4 hours on a single charge, it also periodically turns off when there are peak power surges. I absolutely do not want to use such a device, let alone pay 'such money' for its repair, having no guarantee that anything will change.

Whether it's an independent replacement. If manufacturers gave us the ability to change batteries at home by removing the back cover and removing the old battery and then replacing it with a new one, everything would be much easier. It would be enough to order the required component via the Internet and install it calmly without leaving your home. I remember how at the beginning of the 2000s I revived my old Siemens in this way, which after a couple of years began to keep charging incomparably worse, and after the 'update' it served me the same amount.

Warranty service for flooded smartphones

As for the arguments about the problems with moisture protection due to the collapsible design, I do not believe in them. Firstly, I personally used Siemens M65, which had a collapsible design and at the same time was equipped with protection against water ingress, and, secondly, in most cases, damage to a smartphone from moisture is not a warranty case, because flooding occurs precisely because of that the user drops his device and breaks the integrity of the gasket. So I would rather see the broken tightness on my own than blindly believe that everything is in order with my smartphone.

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