They slow down Google maps at Android. How to fix

Google Maps is the best mapping service that is equally applicable both in Russia and abroad. Despite the fact that Yandex and 2GIS are successfully competing with Google maps in our homeland, the brainchild of the search giant clearly has no competitors on the international market. However, Google understands that success, while not a permanent phenomenon, can go away if not put in the proper effort to maintain it by improving its product. But no matter how diligently the company's developers improve their cards, they still cannot do without flaws.

Google Maps

Google Maps is a great service, but not without its drawbacks

After installing one of the latest Google Maps updates, Android began to behave somehow atypically. This was noticed by users from different countries of the world. According to them, the branded maps of the search giant began to work significantly slower than before, updating with a noticeable delay. As a result, Google Maps literally became impossible to use in navigator mode, which became very often mistaken in indicating the correct direction of travel when following a route.

Navigator is slow


Start to slow down the navigator in Google Maps? You are not alone

I have been using Google Maps for a long time, but this is the first time I come across this. Recently, Google Maps have become a bit too slow. Sometimes they seem to freeze and it takes them a few seconds to download information and tell me where to go. This slowness can be fraught with driving, because maps can easily skip a turn, which, frankly, contradicts the very concept of a navigator that should react instantly to all route changes, wrote one user.

Apparently, the problem lies in the slower processing of signals from the satellite, which is why Google Maps begins to determine the current location with a delay. But if, when using maps in passive mode – just for calculating the distance, checking the terrain or working with panoramas – this drawback, in general, practically does not manifest itself, since the maps have time to load, then when driving a car there is a high probability of missing a turn or a destination that is unlikely to please anyone.

How to update Google Maps

Most likely, the cause of the resulting failure is one of the latest updates. Another thing is that since the beginning of September Google has released as many as 9 Google Maps assemblies for Android. Therefore, it is not possible to determine with accuracy in which of them the problem lies. However, it is possible to fix the crash.

  • Follow this link and download the Google Maps assembly number 10.51.1;
  • Go to Chrome – 'Downloaded Files' and find the downloaded APK file file;


Installing an up-to-date build of Google Maps can fix the slowness issue

  • Confirm the installation of the file – it will replace the installed cards automatically;
  • Launch Google Maps and check their functionality;
  • In case the update did not help, download the August build and install it in the same way.

Due to the fact that Google releases minor updates for Google Maps very often, it can be difficult to determine if it has fixed an issue that users are complaining about or not. Therefore, the easiest option is to simply try out different builds of the application. Indeed, on Android, unlike iOS, you can not only update forward, but also downgrade to an earlier version. And most importantly, even a rollback will not spoil your application, allowing it to continue to be updated via Google Play. The main thing is to disable auto-update so that the problematic assembly is not reinstalled.

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