The cost of spare parts for Galaxy S20 Ultra is 3 times lower than its price

The Galaxy S20, S20 Ultra, and S20 + are on sale in the US today. In Russia, sales of devices will start on March 13. This is a good reason to find out the cost of its components before buying a phone and discuss how much the company earns on its phones. It is worth noting that, as a rule, it is customary to scold for too high prices Apple, but this year Samsung has crossed some psychological mark, and $ 1,400 seems like a fantastic figure. Koreans should seriously think about their pricing policy, if, of course, high sales of flagships are important to them. Plus, the S10 flagships didn't even make the top-selling list in 2019, and I doubt things will get better with the even higher price tag for the S20.

The cost of spare parts for Galaxy S20 Ultra is 3 times lower than its price

The cost of spare parts for Galaxy S20 Ultra is 3 times lower than its price

I have previously written about the relatively high cost of the S20 Ultra. Galaxy S20 Ultra in Russia is estimated at 100 thousand rubles, and this is a little more than $ 1400. The company offers the Russian consumer a version with 12 gigabytes of RAM and 128 gigabytes of internal memory, while the maximum version has 512 gigabytes of internal memory and 16 gigabytes of RAM, but this is a 5G – version. Probably, Samsung understands that it makes no sense to offer consumers a phone with 5G, because the launch of the technology in our country was postponed until 2024.

In addition, today more and more consumers are talking about the fact that the company offers too short a support period for its flagships. 2 years obviously cost less than 100 thousand. What do you think? Share your opinion in our Telegram chat or in the comments to this publication.

Cost of spare parts for Galaxy S20 Ultra

Another point that may disappoint many is the cost of spare parts for the Galaxy S20 Ultra. The cost of the phone components is $ 528. Of course, this price does not include the cost of manufacturing the device, spending on advertising, renting premises, and salaries for employees. And all this, of course, is worth considering. Even so, it seems to me that $ 1,400 is too much for a phone that costs 38% of the official price.

As the author of materials, my friends often send me various news, not so long ago one of these was information about the cost price iPhone 11 Pro Max. So, Apple 11 Pro Max spends $ 490 on production of iPhone, which is 45% of the cost of the phone. So Apple is making iPhone less money than Samsung – an amazing situation. Now it's my turn to share links.

The cost of spare parts for Galaxy S20 Ultra is 3 times lower than its price

Galaxy S20 Ultra component costs

Based on the image above, the company spends the most on cameras – over $ 100. And this is interesting, because in the past flagships the screen was the most expensive part. Once again, you can come to the conclusion that manufacturers are ready to invest a lot of money in order to offer consumers quality cameras. And this is probably exactly what consumers want. However, the problem is that I have already done a comparison Huawei between the P30 Pro and the Galaxy S20 Ultra. I didn't notice much difference in the quality of the photos. And this despite the fact that in Russia the P30 Pro is priced at 40 thousand rubles, so spending on camera modules is cool, but what's the point if a phone for 40 thousand takes pictures that are slightly inferior to what we have in the S20 Ultra .

The screen in the S20 Ultra is priced at $ 67, which, by the way, is also a lot, but it's worth noting that AMOLED – screens are getting cheaper every year. For example, in the S10 +, the display cost $ 86.

Should you buy the Galaxy S20 Ultra

Now that we know that Samsung is throwing even more money into the cost of the phone compared to Apple, we can safely refuse to buy the S20 Ultra in favor of other solutions in protest. Koreans need to optimize spending on marketing and other things so that I don't have to do this now. I love Samsung and that's why I want them to be better than the rest.

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