Donald Trump banned Huawei from using normal Android for another year

Despite the fact that almost all private corporations run their business completely independently and do not depend on the authorities, sometimes it turns out that this is not the case. Perhaps the most telling example was the story that happened to Huawei and showed that the US President can not only prohibit a local company, but also, if desired, completely cross out the business of a foreign company. But if at first many doubted that this conflict would last a long time and the Chinese would actually be deprived of access to the full version Android and Google services, it soon became clear that everything was serious. And now the existing ban has been extended until next year.

Donald Trump banned Huawei from using normal Android for another year

Donald Trump opposes Huawei cooperating with American companies

As expected, US President Donald Trump signed a decree that extends the ban on American corporations from cooperating with companies that pose a threat to the national security of the state. It does not contain the names of the threat enterprises, but since Huawei and ZTE are on this list, it is clear that the ban applies to them. But if ZTE doesn't care much for us, then for Huawei this is a pretty serious blow. After all, now she will not be able to enter into partnerships with Google for another year, which means she will not have access to normal Android.

When Huawei returns Google services

Donald Trump banned Huawei from using normal Android for another year

Huawei can still release smartphones with Google services, but only on old hardware

In fact, the punitive US policy towards Huawei is rather unusual because it is inconsistent. On the one hand, the Chinese company is under American sanctions and has no right to trade with American ones, use their developments and cooperate in any way. However, there is a special explanatory document to the ban decree that allows American companies to independently submit applications to the US Department of Commerce for cooperation with Huawei.

Many corporations have already exercised this right, including Microsoft, which successfully delivers Huawei its operating system Windows and its services. They were even posted on AppGallery. However, with Google, things are a little more complicated. For some unknown reason, the search giant was never allowed to cooperate with Huawei, and it is not known who is to blame: either Google simply did not apply for permission to work with the Chinese, or the Ministry of Commerce issued a prohibitive decision on this initiative.

Will Huawei survive without Google?

The first thing I personally find it hard to believe. After all, Huawei is one of the most popular corporations in the world, and its smartphones are in the highest demand. Therefore, it is not in the best interest of Google to refuse to provide Huawei their services, which could collect data on millions of users. Therefore, there is a high probability that it was the American authorities who simply banned the Chinese from working with the search giant and its branded services, although there has not yet been an official ban.

Donald Trump banned Huawei from using normal Android for another year

AppGallery has become more similar to Google Play, but so far it cannot replace it completely

How to be Huawei? Honestly, I don’t know. Despite the fact that the range of AppGallery is still expanding, now these are mostly applications of little use in everyday life, and Instagram, WhatsApp, Telegram and other popular services are still not up to the branded catalog Huawei got there. In addition, while at first it was quite fun to see how Huawei get around the ban on the use of Google services, now it already looks like a joke, which was repeated several times in a row in a short period of time. Because of this, one gets the impression that Huawei has lost the thread of development and now the company, like a moose rushing through a burning forest, is simply being led by fate.

This is not just a beautiful saying, but a real fact. If you look at how Huawei has been behaving lately, you will notice that the company is no longer trying, as paradoxical as it may sound, to maintain the degree in the cold fight with Google. Of course, at first, the Chinese tried to show everyone that they were ready to break off relations with the search giant and were already preparing their operating system, but over time, even the management Huawei admitted that HarmonyOS is not a competitor Android , and the company's branded services, which it planned to replace Google services, turned out to be not so branded.

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