Some apps from AppGallery from Huawei don't work without Google Play

It is generally accepted that new smartphones Huawei do not differ at all from devices of other brands, with the exception of the lack of Google Play services. Yes, this is a little unpleasant, but since the Chinese managed to create their own application catalog, filling it with content, there should have been no problems with using it. In any case, she herself spoke about it Huawei. But for some reason, the company hid that some rather popular programs without Google services cannot work in principle, even if they were installed from the AppGallery catalog.

Some apps from AppGallery from Huawei don't work without Google Play

AppGallery is good, but not as good as we thought

Despite the fact that developers readily publish their applications to AppGallery, some do it completely indiscriminately, without thinking about whether they will work on devices without Google Play or not. This was confirmed by one of the users who ran into problems when launching the mobile client 'MTS Money' on his smartphone Huawei. According to him, the application, although it was installed from AppGallery, simply does not work on his device due to the lack of optimization for Huawei Mobile Services.

The app is not supported. What does it mean

Some apps from AppGallery from Huawei don't work without Google Play

Apps from AppGallery may not launch on smartphones Huawei. Get ready for it

Each time you try to launch the MTS Money application, a warning appears on the smartphone screen that it cannot work on a device without the support of Google Play services. That is, it turns out that Huawei Mobile Services, which the Chinese boasted so much, do not just restrict the functionality of a number of applications, for example, prohibiting them from accessing geolocation or sending notifications unless they are running in the background, but also do not allow them to work in principle.

According to the user who complained about the problem, MTS Money is far from the only application that refuses to work on smartphones Huawei without Google services. Undoubtedly, this does not happen often, but from time to time you come across such programs that require a mandatory presence on the Google Mobile Services device, refusing to run without them in principle. The problem is aggravated by the fact that there are already quite a lot of applications in AppGallery, and devices without the support of Google services can be counted on the fingers of one hand. That is, those who could complain about software flaws are too few to draw the attention of the public and itself Huawei to this.

Apps from AppGallery

Despite the fact that we do not know exactly how many applications from AppGallery do not work with devices Huawei without Google services, it is quite obvious that MTS Money is not the only one on this list. It follows that either Huawei allows developers to publish such programs in their directory deliberately, or simply does not properly validate them in order to calculate incompatibility problems even before posting. One option is worse than the other, because it demonstrates the company's clearly dismissive attitude towards its customers, especially those who decided to support it at this difficult moment and bought a deliberately cut device.

However, if you encounter such a problem, you have the opportunity to return the device Huawei back. However, there are several caveats here.

Some apps from AppGallery from Huawei don't work without Google Play

Huawei do not mind taking your device back, but only if purchased from your online store and only within 7 days

  • By default, a smartphone or tablet is considered a technically complex product and cannot be returned in principle;
  • Huawei is ready to accept returns within 7 days after the purchase (this rule applies to all distance purchases);
  • Partner stores Huawei have every right to refuse you a refund;
  • You can write a claim, referring to the shortcomings of the smartphone, which were not specified by the seller.
  • The seller has the right to refuse to satisfy the claim, since no law or regulation considers Google Play as a mandatory criterion for a smartphone or tablet.

As you can see, the situation is quite contradictory, and for every argument there may be a counterargument that will not allow you to hand over a technically complex product to the store. But there is one loophole. By law, all goods purchased remotely (that is, via the Internet) are subject to return within a week from the date of receipt, so if you still decide to buy a device Huawei, it is better to order it with delivery, and do not pay for it in store. However, keeping users by force, accusing them of carelessness, is clearly not an option. Indeed, at this stage Huawei, it is possible that it will force part of the clientele to use their devices, but in the long term, most of them, obviously, will simply scatter if the Chinese do not establish the ability to install any applications and cannot guarantee that they will be able to work adequately.

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