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Audio player for Android There are many music players for Android at the moment, but which ones are you really worth using? In this article, we'll take a look at 9 apps you should try. If you are not happy with the default music player, then it is worth installing a new, more functional player.


Vintage music player made its way to Android quite a few years ago and has been uncompromisingly simple as well as usable. Its simplicity and stylish design made it a hit on the PC. It supports a wide variety of audio formats, and as a nice benefit, it also streams music to your device Android from UPnP servers, ensuring you always have access to your music.

foobar2000 player

Foobar2000 is unobtrusive with its folder-based interface and design, and lacks many of the more advanced features you find in other apps, but if you just want to listen to your collection without all the distractions this player is for you.

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Phonograph is one of the most beautiful music players for Android. It has an interface that is based on your theme, allowing you to focus on playing your music.

Phonograph player

It supports the most common music formats and automatically downloads missing information from your media, such as album art. A tag editor is also included if you want to manually edit song tags such as title, artist for individual songs or entire albums.

The music player also has several customization options if you want to customize it.

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Poweramp is considered one of the fastest and most functional applications for listening to audio files on Android. Many users have chosen this particular application for several years. With over 50 million downloads, this is an app you should definitely try if you're looking for a great music player for your smartphone. The player isn't free, but you can try it for two weeks before deciding whether to pay for the Pro version.

Poweramp player

PowerAmp has a more sophisticated interface than most similar programs and contains a ton of useful features including seamless playback, crossfade, fancy themes, lyrics support, widgets and playlist support. You'll also find a graphic equalizer, headset support, and tons of different settings.

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Shuttle is another beautiful music player that offers a material design user interface along with tons of options. You get almost all of the standard features expected from any music player, including playlist support, sleep timer, seamless play, and tons of different themes. There is also a light and dark mode.

Shuttle player

If you need Chromecast support, folder browsing, editing ID3 tags, and more themes, buy the Pro version for £ 10.

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Black Player

Black Player is a great choice for music lovers thanks to its impressive array of features, although most of them are only available to users in the premium version of Black Player Ex.

Black Player

However, you get an ad-free interface that is pleasing to the eye and packed with useful features such as crossfading, built-in lyric support, EQ with bassboost, 3D surround virtualizer, scrobbling, and more. It also supports all standard audio formats. The player plays wav, ogg and mp3 without any problems. The paid version costs 56 rubles.

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Pulsar is one of the most highly rated music players around. It offers a clean, minimal interface that's easy to navigate and use. It doesn't have a lot of advanced features like Poweramp, but you do get all the standard stuff like playlists, desktop widgets, lockscreen controls, crossfading, and a sleep timer.

Pulsar player

Plus, you get the ability to change the order of your library on the home screen. You can also change the playback speed (up to 3x faster), automatically download music album covers, and ignore certain folders from your library.

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Retro music

The Retro Music app has a unique interface that combines design elements from iOS and material design, making it one of the most beautiful music players around. You can customize the interface with different color themes and designs, for example the playing screen can be decorated in ten different ways.

Retro Music Player

The library is sorted by songs, artists, albums and playlists. You can also view all folders on the device. Plus, the app offers all the usual features you'd expect. The app has widgets, lockscreen controls, tag editing, fm radio integration and many other features. This is definitely the player that you should test on your smartphone.

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Google play music

In addition to streaming music, Google Play Music offers a free app that can play songs on your device, and you don't need to subscribe to anything to just use it.

It offers even fewer customization options than the other players on this list (you won't even be able to change the theme), but it works quickly and integrates well with your device Android, providing handy desktop widgets and lockscreen album covers. which you can turn off if you prefer to see something else on the lock screen.

Google Play Music Google player

You can also upload up to 50,000 of your own songs to play on the Google Drive cloud, or upload them to your mobile device, computer or Android TV.

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Pi Music Player

Pi Music Player is another popular music player for Android with a bunch. It offers a stylish user interface mixed with folder support, playlists, sleep timer, and even provides audiobook and podcast support.

Pi Music Player

You can also trim the music file, as the player allows you to “slice” any mp3 file and set it as your default ringtone. The free version of Pi Music Player has ads, but you can make an in-app purchase to get rid of ads permanently.

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