What kind of trash? The Galaxy Note 20 camera for 100 thousand rubles fogs up by itself

What should be a smartphone for 100 thousand rubles? In my opinion, at least ideal. He should not have any flaws, but should only have merits. I will not be hypocritical and demand that I brew coffee or wash the dishes – after all, there is other equipment for this – but the high quality of the materials used, functionality and reliability – I still wait. So when Samsung announced that the classic Galaxy Note 20 would be plastic, I was already starting to question the adequacy of the Koreans. But the worst lay ahead.

Galaxy Note 20 camera

Users complained that the Galaxy Note 20 camera fogs up and interferes with shooting

Owners of the Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra began to complain about regular fogging of the main camera, which is causing the quality of the shooting to suffer. Moreover, according to them, all lenses fog up at once. Fogging does not occur randomly, but in situations when the smartphone gets from a cool space to a warm one. This happens, for example, if the smartphone is taken out of an air-conditioned room to the street. As a result, condensation forms on the protective glass of the camera, and all photos are obtained as if in a fog.

Camera fogs up

Misted camera

Pay attention to the camera lenses for condensation drops

There were quite a lot of users who faced this problem. However, for the most part they are Koreans. Because it has not been possible to find the corresponding complaints – at least on the same scale – from all the others until now. Perhaps the demand is affecting. In Korea, traditionally Samsung smartphones are much more popular than in the rest of the world. Therefore, there were more of those who were affected by the problem of condensation on the camera lens in quantitative terms among Koreans.

Samsung's official position, which so far communicates with users through technical support, preferring not to make public statements, is that lens fogging is the norm. The company explained the formation of condensation by the temperature changes that smartphones experience when they get into a warm, cool environment, and the company is not responsible for such cases. Therefore, if users apply for warranty repairs, they will be refused.

Drops under the camera

Photography in the fog

These are the blurred photos taken with the fogged camera Galaxy Note 20

Despite the fact that condensation in itself is a completely natural phenomenon, practice shows that this should not be the case with smartphones. In any case, none of my smartphones – and the smartphones of my friends, too – did not sweat on their own. This, no doubt, happened after submerging the apparatus in water, but this is at least understandable. But in fact, arbitrary fogging of the camera really raises doubts about the reliability of smartphones of the Galaxy Note 20 line, among which there is a model for 100 thousand rubles.

What can users do? At first glance, it may seem that nothing, because Samsung has already managed to deny disgruntled owners a warranty repair. After all, it is obvious that the company simply does not know what can be opposed to this problem. However, this does not mean that you are powerless here. If you clearly do not want to use such a device, you can sue the company, demanding a commodity examination, which will analyze your smartphone and, having come to the conclusion that the conditions of its operation have not been violated, most likely, will admit that you are right.

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