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I remember well how a year ago the Americans proudly declared Huawei a threat to national security and imposed sanctions against it. Because of this, the Chinese tech giant has lost the ability to install Google services on all new smartphones. Then everyone thought how good it was that there was a general legal principle, which is that the law does not have retroactive effect, and does not allow the extension of sanctions to all devices that came out before their introduction. But it was not there. As it turned out, the country's authorities simply issued Huawei a temporary license for all old devices, now it has ended and no one is going to renew it. Absolutely.

Huawei Mate 20

Huawei will not renew the license to update their smartphones

America will not renew the license for Huawei, which allowed the company to install Google services on them and continue to update its smartphones based on Android. This decision was made in the presidential administration of the country, reports Reuters. Moreover, the head of state's office decided to toughen sanctions against the Chinese corporation, extending them to 38 subsidiaries and affiliated enterprises through which Huawei managed to conclude contracts with American companies for the supply of components.

What Huawei will lose without a license

Huawei P30 Pro

Huawei will lose a lot if the US does not renew the license

The absence of a license and tougher sanctions are guaranteed to lead to the most unpleasant consequences both for itself Huawei and for its users. From now on, the company is prohibited from:

  • Install Google services on any smartphones;
  • Distribute monthly security updates;
  • Use system tools like GMS and Google Cloud;
  • Release Kirin processors based on ARM architecture;
  • Install any American applications.

'The Department of State supports the Commerce Department's decision not to conduct activities Huawei that circumvent the laws of the United States. For this, it was decided to limit the opportunities Huawei to interact with American enterprises by restricting the rights of 38 affiliated with Huawei enterprises, on behalf of which the company entered into contracts in its own interests. We have given local organizations enough time to switch to alternative software and hardware, so we consider it more impractical to renew the license, 'the State Department said.

What's coming Huawei

As you can see, there are quite a few restrictions, and they would knock down any other manufacturer overnight. But, firstly, Huawei not only has its own AppGallery app store and a package of services Huawei Mobile Services, which are responsible for auto-updating, sending notifications, synchronizing and creating backups, but, secondly, a chance to continue to survive in the current situation if the company's partners themselves submit a request to the Ministry of Trade for a license for mutual cooperation.

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Companies that want to cooperate with Huawei will have to apply for a license on their own

In theory, any company, including Google, can apply for a license. Another thing is that we do not yet know what the search giant thinks about this, which for some reason is in no hurry to request a license. Today one of the few companies that have applied for a license and successfully obtained it is Microsoft. For this reason, our own laptops Huawei work on the basis of Windows and regularly receive all updates, and AppGallery hosts all the company's applications, from where they can be downloaded without any problems.

Against this background, the promises Huawei to continue updating their smartphones and providing them with access to Google services look quite comical. After all, not later than yesterday, representatives of the company issued a statement that the expiration of the license will not affect users in any way, and nothing will fundamentally change for them. Well, to be honest, this is partly true. Huawei and has not particularly liked security updates before, at best releasing them every 3 months. But without Google services it will be difficult.

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