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Movavi I would like to start my review of Movavi video converter with the question of its practical application: why you might need this program. It can work with all existing video and audio programs. Improving your favorite movies and music or creating your own videos is really easy when you have Movavi at your disposal.

About opportunities

Movavi will be extremely useful if you:

  • Decided to move your CD and DVD collection to your hard drive or just want to free up some space in your computer's memory. This video converter allows not only to reduce the file size by using modern formats, but also to improve the quality.
  • We were going to surprise our family and friends by making a video from a photo or a set of commemorative videos, and timed it to some event. It will take three to five minutes to master the functionality necessary for such a task.
  • Do you want to quickly and easily process your own videos captured with a camera or mobile phone, because you love to share this content on social networks.
  • We decided to keep our own video blog, both on our website and on such special services as YouTube. In this case, you need a little more knowledge, so we will consider this topic in more detail below.

Note that you can download the licensed Movavi video converter from the project's official website at the link

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What is versatility

Movavi software can be deservedly called universal for the user level. There are four main reasons for this.

  • First, support for all old and new video formats and stable operation of the program on different operating systems. You can install it on both desktop and mobile devices. The developer offers several versions of the program, and his site automatically detects what OS you are using and offers the required installer file.
  • Secondly, you have the ability to not only resize the file, but also make it better by actually creating a new video. The following set of operations is available to you:
  1. set the start and end screensaver;
  2. cut and then glue video from several fragments;
  3. make transitions between different parts of the video;
  4. add titles;
  5. convert the file to the desired format.

The listed operations are basic and for each of them you can find the corresponding online service. But therein lies the problem: by performing each operation using a separate service, you will be wasting a lot of time, and it is very easy to get confused in the order of actions. Therefore, the number two reason why Movavi Video Converter is called universal is that it contains all the functions for creating your own videos, without the need to additionally resort to the help of other services or programs. How do you like this twist: you downloaded a converter program and received a semi-professional video editor as a bonus?

  • Thirdly, it is possible to create a separate project with an editing function. The work begins with the creation of a new file, which is saved separately under a special extension. This is very convenient because you do not even accidentally spoil your original data (photos and videos) and you can always return to the project to improve the sound, replace effects, add something new, rewrite titles, and so on.

An experienced reader will note that other programs work on a similar principle, but this would be a delusion. Similar functions – taking into account the ability to make changes to the original file and then save it in a different format – are in video editing programs, and this is a different class of software. In addition, the program interface plays an important role: if in Movavi you can quickly understand how to improve sound, improve quality, make GIF-ku (yes, this function will be available to you), then competing programs often use a set of terms as an interface and numbers, and finding something in them without special knowledge is possible only by trial and error.

  • Fourth, the authors of this video converter not only thought about how to work with video and audio files, but also took care of the user. A special software acceleration system has been implemented, which allows converting 15-80 times faster than using similar software. Now you do not need to go to the kitchen for tea after starting the conversion, because the computer will still not be able to do anything else and it will take a lot of time for such an operation.

Thanks to SuperSpeed ​​technology, the conversion of a file to 500 MB of .avi format in standard quality for viewing on iPhone takes only 13 seconds. And if you set the Movavi video converter task several times more difficult, you can safely put the program into the background and continue working with other applications. What is versatility

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Easy to learn and use

To understand how easy and convenient it is to use this converter, it is worth taking a closer look at the workflow.

It is logical to start this part of the program description with the Movavi installation stage, but it is too simple to dwell on it separately. I will only say that if you installed any program where you had to agree to the license agreement, select the folder for installation and click 'Next', then you will cope with this work without problems.

After the converter is installed and running, you can go straight to work. Your screen is divided into two main sections. The upper one is where you add files in video, audio and photo formats that you plan to work with. After the files are added (for this there is a large button on the top left), for each of them you can see a splash screen, information about the current format, size and quality.

The lower part of the screen is a working menu where you can select the desired format, the device on which the video will be viewed, the site for uploading the work result, and more.

This approach is convenient in that you do not waste time specifying settings manually (which can also be done if you wish), but set all the parameters in fact with one click.

If there is a need to edit a video, there is a special button for this next to each of the files. Choosing this option takes you to the editing screen. Its main part is occupied by a video window, where you can see the result of your changes. At the top there is a working menu in which you can choose to improve the quality of the image, sound, add titles, install watermarks, there are functions for rotation, cropping and others. After you select an item from this menu, a window appears on the right side for configuring or performing other actions. Movavi

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YouTube and Movavi

Finally, let's talk about why Movavi Video Converter is great for running your YouTube channel. Now vlogging is not only in trend, but with a certain amount of diligence, it can generate additional income. For many, such earnings eventually become the main one.

Making YouTube videos that are practical is not easy. You need to find your audience and offer them an interesting product. But from a technical point of view, there is nothing super complicated here: no one expects you to create Hollywood masterpieces; moreover, professional editing and directorial work is not needed. All that is required is to make original videos in acceptable quality and with good sound.

Movavi has all the necessary tools, besides, the finished project can be immediately uploaded to the network. You don't even need to shoot something yourself. You can take any video, cut it and add your own titles and sound. For example, this is how fans of various artists create clips of their songs from films. You are guaranteed to have seen at least a few of these videos, and nothing prevents you from making your own.

Pay attention to the function of preparing videos for uploading to YouTube, social networks Facebook, VKontakte and others, as well as to popular video hosting sites: no need to worry about the settings – just specify the ultimate goal, and the program will do everything for you. By the way, about social networks: now GIF-animation is actively used there, and you can also make it from your videos or photos.

So, we tried to tell you about Movavi's capabilities as simply as possible and gave some tips on how to use it. The rest you will quickly learn in practice.

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