Samsung removes memory cleaning function after major scandal

I simply can't imagine a major manufacturer paying so much attention to posts on Reddit. However, it happened. Earlier, one of the users of this social network published his small investigation, according to which Samsung used in its shell the memory cleaning function from the company 360, which sent user data to its own Chinese servers. On the day the investigation appeared on the Web, we immediately shared it with our readers and condemned Samsung for using third-party Chinese software in its firmware. And I do not exclude that, among other things, our publication could have contributed to the fact that Samsung drew attention to this problem.

Samsung removes memory cleaning function after major scandal

Samsung removes software from its system that sends data to China

This software was responsible for clearing the memory in the phone. The storage scanner was located in the Device Care section associated with memory management. Many manufacturers do this today. For example, on phones Xiaomi, Aavast is responsible for security, according to the company logo in the security app.

This vault scanner had the “Powered by 360” logo and sends data to Chinese servers. However, why not blame for the same Xiaomi? First, when buying a phone Xiaomi, we initially assume that the company will save on software by resorting to the help of third-party companies. Will she develop her own antivirus? Secondly, Aavast is a fairly popular company, which has not been followed by something strange, but with Qihoo 360 everything is not so simple. The fact is that in one of the interviews the head of Qihoo 360 said that the company, if necessary, will transfer data to the Chinese government. In addition, Qihoo 360 was not playing a fair game in the antivirus market in China.

However, everything has changed, because in the latest update to Android 10 Samsung removed the memory cleaning function of Qihoo 360. The new update adds support for Android 10, improved autonomy and fixes for several bugs. Probably, Samsung considered the presence of 360 software to be a bug. By the way, not so long ago Samsung postponed the release Android 10 for some smartphones.

Samsung removes memory cleaning function after major scandal

Samsung removes software from 360 that sent data to Chinese servers

It's amazing that such a large company is capable of reacting so quickly even to one post on social media. Yes, it has become highly discussed, Samsung, obviously, was condemned for using such software, but the Koreans care about their own audience, and therefore they decided to get rid of the software of this company, for which they are certainly worth respecting.

The author of the new publication examined the APK file of the Device Care application and did not find any traces of Qihoo 360 there.

Users in the comments confirm that the “Powered by 360” logo has disappeared after receiving the new update. Even the owners of budget A-series phones report this. If you are a fan of Samsung, you will surely be interested to know the list of the best tablets from the company.

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