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Samsung Pay payments Samsung phones have their own contactless payment system – Samsung Pay. The app is as reliable, safe and easy to use as Google Pay. By installing the program on a phone with an NFC chip, you can tap the phone to the payment terminal in all places where the contactless payment system is supported. These are large shops, shopping centers, public transport.

The payment process is simple. Launch Samsung Pay, select the card with which you will pay for the purchase, log in with your fingerprint (or pin code). Now bring your smartphone to the payment terminal and wait for payment confirmation. As when paying with a regular card or cash, the pos-terminal may ask you to enter a pin-code on the card (when paying a large amount, I have from 1000 rubles) and will issue a check.


Download and install the Samsung Pay app on Google Play Store. Register or add samsung account.

Next, confirm your fingerprint – place your finger several times on the scanner. If you don't want to use your fingerprint, come up with a PIN code for authorization in the application.

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Add Maps

Next, add your bank and discount cards.

Add bank cards

You will need to enter a pin code to add cards. This is protection for your safety. To add a card, place it inside the black frame – the camera will automatically read the data. Or enter everything manually. You will receive a one-time password from your bank – enter it in the application.

There are two ways to add club cards: import a previously used one, or load a card from a wallet into Samsung Pay (more than 100 stores are available).

Add club card

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Financial services

The application offers various financial programs from third party banks – credit cards, loans and deposits. You can view all the options and choose the one that suits you.

Credit card Alfa-Bank

In fact, this is a collection of advertising for banking services.

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Money transfers

To use money transfers, you need a SIM card in your phone.

  1. Select the payee from the contacts in the phone book.
  2. Write the transfer amount and log in to the application.
  3. You can write a note to the payment.
  4. Send money.

All payments made can be seen in the “History” menu.

Translation history

If the recipient also uses the Samsung Pay application, they will receive the transfer directly to the card in this application. He will receive a notification, he will need to confirm the receipt of the amount on the selected card.

If the recipient does not use the Samsung Pay application, he must follow the link in the SMS, confirm his phone number and add a bank card to receive payment.

There is no commission for transfers to MasterCard cards (promotion until March 31, 2019).

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How to use Samsung Pay video

  • How to use Samsung Pay

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