Samsung invites to free disinfection of smartphones from coronavirus

Samsung has offered to the owners of branded devices a disinfection service against coronavirus. It can be used by the owners of smartphones, tablets, headphones and smart watches of the Galaxy line – that is, all those that are used in the external environment and with a high degree of probability collect all kinds of viruses, bacteria and microbes on themselves, which means that they are potential carriers of infectious diseases. But laptops and other equipment are out of the question. Obviously, this is due to the fact that they are better protected from contact with strangers and do not pose a threat to n users.

Samsung invites to free disinfection of smartphones from coronavirus

Samsung recommends coming to its service centers to treat smartphones with ultraviolet light

The service in question is called Galaxy Sanitizing and, logically, only applies to Samsung's own devices, so if you own a device from a competing brand, you will most likely be denied disinfection. At the moment, the program operates in 19 countries of the world, including Russia, and the service within its framework is provided absolutely free of charge. To use it, you need to contact an authorized Samsung service center or Samsung Experience Store.

How to disinfect a smartphone

Samsung invites to free disinfection of smartphones from coronavirus

Samsung purchased special equipment for disinfection of smartphones

Unlike Apple, which recommends treating smartphones with isopropyl alcohol or Clorox cleaning wipes, Samsung stated that it is better not to use any chemical solutions or abrasives for cleaning at all, as this can damage the body of the treated device or erase the oleophobic coating. printed on the screen. But since it was impossible to completely abandon disinfection, the Koreans carried out many experiments and ultimately came to the conclusion that they would process the proprietary equipment with ultraviolet radiation. To do this, Samsung had to purchase special equipment and supply it to service centers and stores.

According to Samsung representatives, ultraviolet radiation qualitatively removes bacteria and other microorganisms from the surface of devices and is absolutely safe for their performance. True, the company clarifies that due to the design features on some brand gadgets, the efficiency of removing bio-contaminants may be lower than on others. Therefore, Samsung warns that 100% cleaning from germs and viruses is not guaranteed, however, ultraviolet treatment, firstly, is safer than cleaning yourself, and, secondly, it still gives a better result than if the device was not cleaned at all.

Where smartphones are disinfected

I had a few compliments for Samsung in my head as I wrote this post, sincerely wanting to compliment the company. Still, so far no other vendor has shown such customer care. After all, it was necessary to buy special equipment, organize its delivery to service centers in 19 countries of the world and decide not to take a penny from people for disinfection. But then a logical thought came to my mind that if I could treat my smartphone or headphones with alcohol at home, then for ultraviolet irradiation I would have to leave my home and go in search of a service center. Not that I was too lazy to do this, but in the conditions of the spread of infection, this does not seem like a logical and safe event.

Well, and, of course, the complete ignorance of the Samsung technical support service about the running program is striking. Shortly before the release of this material, I wrote to the chat on the company's website and asked where I can use the disinfection service. The answer I got was pretty expected. As it turned out, the Samsung employee has no idea about the Galaxy Sanitizing service and, of course, cannot point to the store or workshop where this service is provided, suggesting that I call all the service centers myself. Somehow it doesn't feel like taking care of the client, is it?

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