Samsung has unveiled its AirDrop counterpart. What can he do

Despite the fact that Apple is usually rather leisurely in mastering new technologies, it was she who was the first to introduce the most valuable developments that were to change the market. App Store, Touch ID, Face ID, AirDrop – it all came from Apple. But if the first three solutions from this list were copied at the very least by the company's competitors, they had frank problems with the latter for a long time. Either they could not implement their own data transfer interface over the air, or they simply did not see the value in it, but one way or another, AirDrop analogs began to appear relatively recently. Now Samsung has presented its solution.

Samsung has unveiled its AirDrop counterpart.  What can he do

Quick Share is Samsung's AirDrop counterpart and is even more advanced than the original.

Rumors of Samsung's plans to develop its own AirDrop counterpart only surfaced this year, even after Google took over. Nevertheless, the Koreans, who dubbed their brainchild Quick Share, which roughly translate as 'Quick Share', were able to bring their plans to life earlier than the search giant. The new interface, as the name suggests, allows you to quickly exchange data with users of compatible smartphones, which currently only include the Galaxy S20, S20 + and S20 Ultra.

How Quick Share differs from AirDrop

Samsung has unveiled its AirDrop counterpart.  What can he do

Quick Share works on the same principle as AirDrop, but can transfer data to 5 devices at once

Samsung did not disclose the speed at which data is transferred, and also did not say anything about the technology on which Quick Share is based. The fact is that last month, when information about the new interface just appeared, there was evidence on the Web that it would be based on cloud technologies, and for this reason, users of compatible devices will be limited in the amount of information transmitted. But, judging by the fact that establishing a Quick Share connection requires users to be close to each other, most likely, the interface works on the basis of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, which means that it can develop approximately the same speed as AirDrop.

However, there were some differences. Samsung decided to go further Apple and make it possible to transfer the same file to five users' devices at the same time. AirDrop, despite the fact that it is a fairly advanced solution for data exchange, is not yet capable of this. Another thing is that Quick Share, unlike AirDrop, does not allow data transfer by simply pointing the smartphone at the recipient without having to select it from the list of available users. The U1 chip is responsible for the operation of this function, which provides support for the Ultra Wideband technology, which no other device, except the flagship iPhone, has yet.

Which Samsung smartphones support Quick Share

To date, Samsung has added Quick Share support to the firmware of only three smartphones, although it introduced four yesterday. The fourth was the foldable Galaxy Z Flip, which did not have a new data transfer interface. Apparently, the processor on the basis of which it works has played its role. While the Galaxy S20 lineup has the latest Snapdragon 865, the Galaxy Z Flip has last year's Snapdragon 855+. However, Samsung promises that it does not intend to stop there and will make Quick Share available on other devices in the very near future.

In fact, the function of fast data transfer without wires is quite convenient, although we are already used to using cloud services and instant messengers for the same purpose. However, it may happen that there is no Internet connection, and you need to share the file. This is where interfaces like AirDrop and Quick Share come to the rescue, which allow you to do this, firstly, quickly, and, secondly, anywhere, regardless of external conditions, be it a flight on an airplane or a hike in the mountains. .

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