Route access to Android 4.x

Today the leader among operating systems for mobile gadgets is Android. The fact is that since version 4 Android it has become more universal, it is used on smartphones and tablets. But over time, problems appear, mainly related to a lack of functionality, RAM or processor power, and we are striving to get root rights to Android 4 in order to somehow compensate for the shortcomings of the aging device. Route access to Android 4.x

What is root access on Android

Unlike Windows, Android does not provide a user with administrator or superuser rights. Access to the system partition (root disk) of the OS, or root access, is a special mode at the administrator's level, obtained using third-party software.

Having 'issued' such rights, the user gets unlimited control over the device. Of course, with some reservations.

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Root access check

It is necessary to make sure that you get root after a rooting operation, which is not always successful. In addition, sometimes a user buys a device without knowing whether it has a root. In any case, verification can be performed in the following ways:

  1. Manually – using the search for .su or superuser.apk binaries on the device. For this, a good file manager is installed.
  2. With the help of special applications that do, in general, the same thing, but faster and without effort on the part of the user. Similar programs are available on Google Play. For example, Root Checker and SuperSU are almost permanent leaders in user ratings.

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Getting root on Android 4 using a PC

The method of obtaining root rights using a personal computer or laptop under OS Windows is considered the most reliable, although it is not always preferred by ordinary users for some laboriousness.

In addition to the second device, you also need a USB cable and twice as much manipulation. The following conditions must be met:

  1. The PC must be connected to an uninterruptible power supply and Android is well charged.
  2. It is advisable to disable the antiviruses of both devices for a while.
  3. In the settings Android you must activate (allow):
    • USB debugging;
    • downloading from unknown sources.

Obtaining root rights to Android 4 via a computer requires the installation of the corresponding software on the latter – a driver package under Android and a special utility, for example, KingRoot. This program is available on the developer's official website, supports a huge number of models of gadgets of various brands and all OS versions Android. The only drawback is that it is in Chinese, but this should not scare the user, since the efficiency of KingRoot is one hundred percent. This method of getting root involves the following procedure:

  1. Connect the gadget to the PC with a cable and open KingRoot.
    Connecting a gadget to a PC and opening KingRoot
  2. When Android is determined by the program, a window will open with the 'Root' button, on which you need to left-click.
    Window with button
  3. The rooting process will start, it will take a few minutes. At the end Android it will reboot, and the program will inform you about successful root access.
    Successful root message
  4. Then you should install the KingUser application if it was not installed automatically. It will manage the distribution of root access. You can download it from the site.
  5. Now you can uninstall KingRoot. The program is used exclusively for getting root and is no longer required.

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Root with Framaroot

There are many positive user reviews about the versatility and effectiveness of this application. It can control almost any device under any version Android, and not just set root rights to Android 4. Framaroot allows you to get root guaranteed in a few clicks, for which it is appreciated.

After preparing the gadget for operation (charging, enabling downloads from unknown sources and disabling the antivirus), you need to download the ARC with the latest version of the program to it. Better from the official website of the developer. Then it remains only to launch the program, select the method of rooting (SuperSu), character and wait. When the success message appears on the screen, you need to reboot Android and that's it. The SuperSu application should appear in the gadget menu, confirming the 'victory' over the system.

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Pros and cons of root

Root rights for Android 4 definitely provide many benefits. Thanks to them, the user can:

  • delete, edit the system, and install any software;
  • provide root access to any program;
  • open bootloader for flashing;
  • install applications to a memory card;
  • create backup copies of installed utilities;
  • use hidden OS functions;
  • optimize the device, increase processor performance, speaker volume, change the sensitivity of the modules and overclock the battery.

The disadvantages include:

  • risks of loss of warranty, virus infection and deletion of files critical for the operation of the OS;
  • impossibility of updates 'over the air'.

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How to get root (root) rights to Android (Android): Video

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