Offline mode in the phone

Flight mode Offline mode, or airplane mode, is available on all devices Android. This option has been designed for use in locations where a mobile signal can cause equipment malfunction:

  • Aircraft.
  • Medical institutions.

What does the inclusion of airplane mode give?

You can enable offline mode from the sliding shutter on the main screen.

Airplane mode phone

By tapping on the button with the image of the plane, the user activates the mode.

Enabling through the settings occurs in the “Mobile network and Internet” item.

Enable airplane mode

By enabling airplane mode, the user disables all communication functions:

  • The Internet.
  • Calls.
  • SMS.
  • Bluetooth.
  • Wi-Fi.

At the same time, you can use multimedia capabilities (player, work with documents, photos, games, etc.)

In this mode, you can separately enable one or another option, for example, go online, but at the same time remain unavailable in GSM networks.

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Benefits of offline mode

In addition to protecting sensitive electronic devices from failures, offline mode allows you to take a break from annoying calls and messages, significantly increase the operating time of the device. Every user knows that when the Internet is on, Bluetooth – connection, network signal (especially when 2 SIM cards are working at the same time), a smartphone is constantly connected and searched. This requires significant energy consumption.

In everyday life, you can use Airplane Mode while you sleep, at important events, in movie theaters, etc.

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