Mi account

Mi account Mi account is your personal account on the manufacturer's website Xiaomi (account.xiaomi.com) + free private cloud storage Mi Cloud (5GB), where you can save personal data from your phone.

Registration and authorization

If you don't have a registered Mi account yet, go to account.xiaomi.com and register it.

Mi account registration

You will be assigned a unique number. Using it and your password, log into your account from your phone (Settings> Mi account).

Mi account

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Security Settings

Basic settings in “Account Security”:

  • Phone number – link your cell number to your account for security purposes. Subsequently, it can be used to enter your personal account, recover your password and pass identification.
  • Email – link your email to your account. It is also useful for restoring access and for entering your personal account through the site.
  • You can link additional accounts to further secure access to your profile. You can link your facebook account.
  • Linked devices – a list of all your devices using this MI account. Those. you can link several phones to one account and manage each one separately.

Mi Account Security

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Mi Cloud

Mi Cloud is a cloud storage where you can save personal data from your phone by enabling automatic synchronization with your account. In total, 5GB is available for your data for free, if more – for money. You can save contacts, messages, photos and videos, call log, voice recorder recordings, notes, wi-fi settings, calendar, bookmarks and history of a standard browser (not chrome). But remember about limited space in the cloud.

Mi Cloud storage, sync

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Through the cloud, you can find your lost / stolen phone using the Find My Device function. Use the i.mi.com website to find, lock or clear your phone from all personal data. Select Find Device.

Find device

What can be done with the phone remotely via the website?

Remote phone control

  1. Show on the map where he is now. The phone must be switched on. In the menu on the top right (ellipsis), you can view the history of the phone's movement on the map.
  2. Siren on is a loud sound that cannot be muted. It will sound even if silent mode is on.
  3. “Lost Mode”. In this mode, the screen is locked and you can display a message on it. For example, “Please call me on 8922 … and return the phone for a fee.” No one can somehow use the phone in a locked state – it will need to be unlocked using your Mi account.
  4. Erase All Data – erases all personal data from the phone, including your configured Mi account. Those. then it will no longer be possible to track the phone.

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Backup (backup and restore)

The backup function can automatically backup your data and upload it to Mi Cloud via Wi-Fi.

Backup and recovery

You can always restore all your data from a backup: applications (cache and other data will not be saved), desktop, wallpaper, clock and alarm settings, notification settings, settings MIUI and systems.

To restore, you simply select the required copy from the cloud and click “Restore from this copy”.

Restoring from a backup

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Recycle Bin and Recover Deleted Data

Using the Trash and Mi Account, you can recover deleted contacts, messages, gallery and notes. Go to the shopping cart from the application on the phone and log into Mi Cloud. Choose what you want to recover.

Recover deleted contacts, messages and notes

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Mi Cloud Premium Account

As I wrote earlier, 5GB of free space in the cloud is available to you, the rest is for an additional fee. How much does it cost?

Mi Cloud premium account

For example, 20GB of additional storage costs 49 Mi credits per year (about $ 50).

In addition, you get some privileges like a VIP account:

  • the basket keeps deleted files for the last 60 days (on a free account only 30 days);
  • deleted contacts are kept for 60 days.

Results. That's all the main features and settings of Mi account and Mi Cloud in your phone. It is clear that in your Mi account through the site you can see all saved contacts, photos, messages and audio recordings. You can access your data via the Internet (i.mi.com) at any time, even if your phone is stolen, lost, discharged, or broken.

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