Is Google Pay normal? Wait a minute though –

As strange as it may sound, my main complaint about Google Pay is that it is as unlike Apple Pay as possible. When I first encountered the Google payment service, I was surprised by the lack of such trivial features as verifying each transaction using biometrics or, say, the ability to select a payment card immediately before paying, not to mention storing passes, tickets and boarding passes. However, even more surprising was the integrity with which Google ignored the lack of these features. But, apparently, she had no more strength left to endure the claims of users.

Is Google Pay normal?  Wait a minute though -

Google Pay will finally look like Apple Pay

What features Apple Pay appeared in Google Pay

Google has agreed to expand the capabilities of Google Pay by enabling support for tickets, passes, and boarding passes. From the moment they are added, the service will start monitoring the relevance of documents in real time and will send notifications about the changes that have occurred. If your flight is rescheduled, Google Pay will notify you. Apple Pay works roughly the same way, so there is no need to wonder where the Google developers spied on this function.

How to add a ticket to Google Pay

Is Google Pay normal?  Wait a minute though -

Google Pay will allow you to call cards and boarding passes directly to the lock screen

Adding a ticket, boarding pass, or other document to Google Pay is pretty easy. It is enough just to take a screenshot of the online version of the document or photograph it so that the barcode gets into the lens. It is on this that the service will check your ticket against the database and will check the relevance of the flight in order to send you a notification in case of any changes. This is very convenient, since now you do not have to check your e-mail while waiting for letters from the carrier about the transfer of the departure time.

How to get on a plane using Google Pay

It will now be much easier to show your boarding pass or ticket when boarding a flight. If earlier in Google Pay there was no function of hot access to saved cards and documents, now it will be enough to press the power key twice, and all your tickets and cards will appear on the screen. You just have to select the desired object and present it to the controller with a reader or an automated boarding system. However, there is a nuance, which is that many airlines, not to mention land carriers, do not support Google Pay. Therefore, now Google has to find partners among them and conclude a cooperation agreement with them, which can take years.

Why Google Pixel is better than others Android – smartphones

I left the most unpleasant thing for last. Despite the fact that initially it looked like Google was planning to release all these innovations as part of Android 11, the company did a completely different thing. She decided that the features described above will become exclusive features of the Pixel line of smartphones and will begin to be distributed among their owners in March. But there is a catch here. As it turned out, only residents of the USA, Great Britain, Canada, Australia, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Ireland, Taiwan and Singapore will be able to add tickets and boarding passes. Russia, as you can see, is not on this list.

Why I hate Google

Of course, I can understand Google's desire to make branded smartphones at least something better than what competitors are offering. But it's one thing when a company offers something new on its own, and completely different when it limits everyone else. After all, the possibility of hot card change before payment was originally planned as a standard function for Google Pay, which was supposed to be included in Android 10, and then suddenly disappeared from the list of innovations. But Google Pay is a universal service, which, unlike the same 'Google Camera', is available to everyone, which means that all its functions should be publicly available.

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