Why gaming smartphones are a complete farce

Probably all users Android are aware of the existence of gaming smartphones. Until recently, absent as a class, at some point they suddenly fell on us from everywhere, as if from a cornucopia. Moreover, those who have already, in general, have nothing to lose began to release them: Asus, ZTE, Acer, Nubia. In short, all those for whom this was the last chance to stay on the market. Only Xiaomi stood out against their background with its own line Black Shark, which, however, also did not 'fly'. And it could not be otherwise, because the consumer is not a fool and he himself understands that all this is a farce.

Why gaming smartphones are a complete farce

Gaming smartphones are a real farce, don't be fooled by it

First, let's take a look at what gaming smartphones are. As a rule, these are devices with the most advanced hardware, an advanced cooling system – sometimes even an active one – and, of course, a defiant design. The last aspect is even more important than the rest. After all, you can recognize a top-end processor only if you take a smartphone in hand and try to run a hard game on it. But the painted case with colorful overlays and inserts can be seen from afar. It just turns out that this case is the only business card of gaming smartphones. See for yourself.

What is the difference between gaming smartphones

Why gaming smartphones are a complete farce

Gaming smartphones look great, but that's the only difference from non-gaming smartphones

Despite the fact that gaming machines are really equipped with the most advanced hardware, we must not forget that it is not their exclusive. That is, all other manufacturers can equip their smartphones with the same processor and the same amount of RAM that they actually do. Therefore, from the point of view of performance, gaming smartphones not only do not win, but often also lose, since only first-tier vendors like Apple and Samsung, which are such nonsense, have access to the most advanced stuffing like the fastest memory the release of gaming devices is not engaged.

Yes, sometimes gaming smartphones have an active cooling system. In particular, this is what Nubia is doing, equipping its devices with coolers that really start to spin up when the processor temperature rises. But, in my opinion, this is a completely meaningless component, aimed solely for show, since there is no practical sense from such a cooling system. This is evidenced by top smartphones running Android like the Galaxy S20 Ultra and OnePlus 8 Pro. They perfectly cope with heating even in heavy games, and so, although they have an even more productive filling.

Should you buy gaming smartphones

Why gaming smartphones are a complete farce

If you think that gaming smartphones are more powerful than classic ones, then you are greatly mistaken.

This means that the only characteristic feature of gaming smartphones is their striking appearance, which is designed to attract the eyes of others. After all, such devices simply do not have any other advantages: neither a record amount of RAM, nor special optimization, nor even large-capacity batteries. But they were useful to them more than anything else, since heavy games always lead to increased energy consumption, but manufacturers rarely think about it and simply brand the most ordinary devices, decorated in the manner of parrots, with gaming devices.

Should you buy such smartphones? Well, I cannot forbid you, and I will not dissuade you either. In the end, from a practical point of view, they are no different from ordinary devices: the same filling, the same software platform. But their appearance is really much more attractive. I will not say that I like it – after all, I am an adherent of more classic solutions in design – but this does not mean that you should not take something like that, because preferences, like tastes, are different for everyone.

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