How to watch TV, movies and series for free on Android

TV has long ceased to be a way to watch only TV channels – now it is a real combine, where many good films, TV series, interesting programs and broadcasts are available. This was especially noticeable in quarantine, when almost everyone gathered at the screens. The problem is that while you connect the required package of channels from the provider, winter will come: you need to go to the site or even call support, figure out how to connect the whole thing, and so on. Fortunately, mobile devices are now widespread, and now, in order to watch interesting films, series and even TV, you don't even have to buy a TV!

How to watch TV, movies and series for free on Android

Access movies, movies, TV and series in one application

Peers.TV application

There are quite a few applications for these purposes on Google Play, one of the most popular services is Peers.TV. This is a free application available to owners of all Android devices (there is also a version for the iPhone), which was originally created for watching TV both online and in recording 24 hours a day. Essentially, Peers.TV turns a smartphone or tablet into a real mobile TV. Immediately after the launch, users have access to popular high-quality TV channels, many programs, TV shows, series and films.

How to watch TV, movies and series for free on Android

At first there were only TV channels in Peers.TV, but now there is content for every taste

But the developers of the application got ahead of themselves in time and began to offer not only ordinary television channels, but also real hits of the film distribution, foreign TV channels with popular series (like Amedia Premium) and even channels for adults. All this is available in separate packages (which is very convenient), but if you choose the right one, you can grab a channel package where everything is.

Channel packages in Peers.TV

So, one of our favorites is the #BetterHouse package, which contains the best paid channels from Peers.TV subscriptions. Here you can find National Geographic HD, Eurocino, Fox HD, Nickelodeon and even Brazzers TV (this channel is included in the package 'For adults (18+)', which also contains 2 more channels on the relevant topic). There is a free trial period of 14 days, which is more than enough to enjoy all the benefits of this channel package.

Subscription Movies is pretty cool too. The service has collected about 8,500 films and TV series in one subscription (half of which are in HD quality). There are action films, comedies, and cartoons for children, so everyone will find content for themselves. And there are those films that were shown only in cinemas last year! This will not be shown on TV. They also give 2 weeks for 1 ruble, which is very cool.

How to watch TV, movies and series for free on Android

With the 'Movies by Subscription' package, you can forget about TV altogether

If you have planned a long weekend, there is simply no better package than Cinema on TV. It contains not only channels with Russian films and Soviet classics, but also the best European cinema. But most importantly – HBO movies and TV shows! Yes, Game of Thrones and other hits. In our opinion, this is one of the best channel packages in the service. It is not for nothing that it is given free of charge only for 7 days, but … we got ahead of ourselves and got hold of the ANDRINS promo code, which allows you to watch the 'Cinema on TV' package for a whole month for free! The same promotional code gives the right to increase the free period for the #BetterHouse package.

How to watch TV, movies and series for free on Android

You can activate the promo code in the application settings

How to watch TV, movies and series for free on Android

Best HBO Series Pack

But that's not all. The Family package gives access to the best Russian and foreign entertainment channels (including those with the ability to watch recorded programs), Children's package – allows you to watch various channels for the little ones. Plus there is a separate subscription to the Dozhd TV channel or just a complete deactivation of ads in the application. All TV shows without banners and video ads plus five premium channels from the list to choose from. In fact, you can talk about all these packages for a very long time – it is better to look at the entire list yourself and you can decide which one suits you.

How to watch TV, movies and series for free on Android

There is a convenient program guide, the ability to view in the recording and the 'Picture in Picture' mode

Download Peers.TV

Of course, free access to more than 80 channels, including federal, entertainment, children's and regional, has not gone anywhere. And thanks to the fact that offers the ability to view even archived TV programs, you are guaranteed not to miss the broadcast you want. Plus, there is synchronization – it doesn't matter at what point you stop watching, leaving the metro, because you can always continue it on a TV or tablet without losing quality. You just need to link all devices to your account.

You can download the application from the link below. In the same place, in one click, any of the channel packages you like is issued. Don't forget the ANDRINS promo code for 30 days of free trial!

Download Peers.TV and watch movies and TV for free

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