How to watch beetles, butterflies and other insects in 3D on Google

Augmented reality is a technology that Apple was one of the first to promote. And for a long time, the promotion consisted mainly of Tim Cook's tales of its perfection and the widest scope of application. Many believed it, but wanted to see at least one practical confirmation of the words of the CEO, which for some reason did not exist and did not exist. But Google came to the rescue in time, which, although it began to develop augmented reality much later, still managed to find its interesting application for everyone.

How to watch beetles, butterflies and other insects in 3D on Google

Here are all the insects available in AR mode on Google

We're talking about AR animals. You may have missed, but this fall Google launched a 3D zoo in its search engine, which allows you to see different animals in augmented reality. The models are completely animorphic, that is, copied from real living creatures, animated, voiced and have the habits of real ones. That is, the tiger that you place in your apartment using your smartphone will be identical to the one you saw on the Discovery Channel or at the zoo. But it was not limited to animals alone.

What insects can be viewed in 3D

Google added more than two dozen augmented reality insects to its 3D zoo this week. Here they are:

  • Atlas beetle
  • Peacock eye atlas
  • Great brown cicada
  • Dragonfly
  • Twilight cicada
  • Glowworm
  • Stag beetle
  • Grasshopper
  • Hercules beetle
  • Hornet
  • Zlatka
  • ladybug
  • Mantis
  • Rogach Dybowski
  • Morpho butterfly
  • Periodic cicadas
  • Song cicada
  • Rosalia
  • Rhinoceros beetle
  • Shiny Scarab Beetle
  • Butterfly sailboat
  • Mountain cicada

How to watch 3D animals

How to watch beetles, butterflies and other insects in 3D on Google

All insects can be viewed in their real size

You can place a 3D model of an insect in AR in your room in the same way as in the case of 3D animals.

  • Google the name of the insect;
  • Click 'Watch in 3D';
  • Select 'Watch at home';
  • Roll your smartphone over the floor to make the insect appear.

Since Google has just launched its AR insectarium (it's kind of a zoo, but only for insects), it may not be fully available or not to everyone. Therefore, if some insect simply does not appear in a separate window for placement as a 3D model, try first entering its Latin name (you will find it in the same Google), or check the presence of your smartphone in the list of ARCore compatible (it depends on this ability to view AR animals), or just wait until the next day.

Why 3d tiger doesn't work

How to watch beetles, butterflies and other insects in 3D on Google

These and other insects are available for viewing in augmented reality on Google

Some of the main problems that prevent animals – and in this case insects – from appearing in your room in the form of an AR model are: incompatibility with ARCore and geographic restrictions. Yes, yes, oddly enough, but in some countries Google for some reason blocks the ability to call a 3D zoo. You can solve this problem by switching to incognito mode. To do this, start private mode in the browser and try to repeat the provisions from the instructions above – everything should work out. But if your device does not support ARCore, nothing can be done.

In my opinion, it is very cool that Google is developing this direction, expanding the possibilities for working with augmented reality. If at first these were only animals, then over time they added the opportunity to look in 3D dinosaurs, human organs, skeleton, thus studying anatomy, space bodies, and now insects. I believe that over time, Google may turn from a search service into a visual encyclopedia, through which you can study biology, anatomy, and astrology.

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