How to update your phone and why you really need it

Now everyone is used to the fact that the smartphone needs to be updated periodically, but not everyone knows not only how to do this, but also why it is needed at all. Many people just think that the device is working and why they need to touch it at all. Once upon a time, this approach really worked, but now it is no longer possible and updating the smartphone has grown from a luxury to a necessity. Let's figure out how to properly update your smartphone so that everything goes smoothly and you get new functions that will delight you. And at the same time we will answer the question why the smartphone stopped updating after a year or two.

How to update your phone and why you really need it

It is necessary to update Android. This is the only way to use a fresh smartphone.

How to update Android

In fact, there is nothing easier than updating a modern phone. Previously, it was necessary to download programs to a computer, connect with a wire, and then wait a long time before updating. Now everything is much easier and is done “over the air” in one click.

How to find out the version Android

In order to find out the version Android, you need to open the 'Settings', scroll to the “System” item and find “Additional settings” inside. Open them, then click “System Update”. Here you can check the version Android and familiarize yourself with the security system. Here it will already be possible to conclude whether something needs to be updated.

How to install an Android update

You can update the version Android in the paragraph, the path to which is written above. If you want to update the security system, you need to open the settings and find the item “Security”. Next, check for updates. You must click respectively “Security update” or “Google Play system update”.

Whatever you update, you just need to select the appropriate item, and then follow the instructions on the screen. The update system is now specially made so that everything is as simple as possible and does not cause any unnecessary questions.

How to update your phone and why you really need it

When the new version Android is installed on the smartphone, it will work as it should.

Do I need to update my phone

The phone needs to be updated, period! First of all, due to the fact that the software installed on the phone has ceased to be just firmware and is a full-fledged operating system. It consists of tens of thousands of lines of code, into which errors could naturally creep in. This is exactly what the manufacturer is working on after the release of the smartphone on sale.

Users find these errors during operation, and the manufacturer collects a database and releases an update. Sometimes errors are harmless and boil down to the fact that, for example, the icon will stand two pixels to the left or the menu will open a little longer.

But sometimes mistakes are critical and lead to the fact that a certain sequence of actions can simply turn the phone over. And then there are security errors that leave huge holes in the protection of the phone, and errors that lead to incorrect operation of the camera or screen, deteriorating their quality.

One could say that updating the firmware will not make the smartphone better and will not give it a cooler camera or data transfer capability, but it will not – it will! Often, manufacturers, releasing a smartphone, announce some kind of function, such as bokeh mode or the ability to shoot video in 4K. Then they tweak the software and send in an update that will make the hardware work more productively.

Additionally, software updates can improve performance, improve battery life, improve cellular or Wi-Fi performance, and more. In general, the update on the phone is not only possible, but also needs to be installed.

How to update your phone and why you really need it

Installing updates is the only way for a manufacturer to upgrade a smartphone after it has been sold.

Why did the phone stop updating

The older the phone, the more reluctant the manufacturer is to release updates for it. For Android the term is approximately 1-3 years. For iPhone, the renewal period reaches 5 years. These terms are measured from the presentation of the phone, and not from the moment of purchase. This is the disadvantage of buying a device released a year or two ago.

Over time, it's much easier to work on software for new smartphones, filling it with functions, than to endlessly patch holes in old ones. However, sometimes there are exceptions, and if a really critical error is found, manufacturers can release an update for the old device, but this is very rare. In the end, in two or three years, really critical errors have already been found.

How to update your phone and why you really need it

If the update arrives, install it.

Updating an old phone

It is theoretically possible to update an old smartphone too, but this is already a more complicated process and few ordinary users will want to do this, and professionals already know how to do it.

Now two or three years of support is enough, but before people didn't update their phones at all. Remember those vehicles that were admitted at the beginning and middle of the 2000s. They just came out and the software update was kind of fantastic. Sometimes, of course, they came out, but the installation process was too complicated, and information about the new software was almost never available.

It was just that the functionality of those phones was such that it was much easier to release the firmware and “lick” it before it went on sale. And even then there was no race to release the phone first. They just went out there somehow and it suited everyone. It is now necessary to release a smartphone strictly once a year. In such conditions, the probability of error is, of course, much higher.

And even then, phones did not need to constantly change the design and functionality of the menu, and the requirements of users were not so strict. What is it worth that incoming and outgoing SMS were stored in different folders, and everyone was fine with it – we could find everything, not what now.

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