How to search for delivery establishments in Google Maps

Now, when leaving the house is not only not recommended, but even forbidden, we all want to take our souls away, having escaped from the forced confinement. Therefore, even a ten-minute walk to the nearest 'Magnet' or 'Ashan' for many – literally and figuratively – becomes a breath of fresh air. But this is not enough to feel like a normal person again, since the desire to go somewhere to drink coffee or eat khinkali has not gone anywhere. It is clear that residents of large cities have no problems with this thanks to delivery services like Yandex.Food or Delivery Club, which will bring whatever your heart desires. But what about those who live, so to speak, on the periphery, and have not even heard of such services? Use Google maps, of course.

How to search for delivery establishments in Google Maps

Google Maps is a universal service, and its versatility will come in handy in quarantine conditions

Google has released a small update for Google Maps with a search function for establishments that, despite the quarantine, are still working and offer take-out or home delivery. This innovation works everywhere, regardless of city or country, providing users with the opportunity to order from the restaurant both a light snack for the new episode of their favorite TV series, and a full dinner to celebrate the birthday of someone from their family. After all, quarantine is not a reason to switch to buckwheat.

How to find delivery in your city

  • Open Google Maps and go to the What's Nearby section;
  • The 'Takeaway' and 'Food Delivery' tabs should appear at the top of the screen;

How to search for delivery establishments in Google Maps How to search for delivery establishments in Google Maps

  • If the tabs do not appear, fill in the phrase 'Takeaway' or 'Delivery' in the search;

How to search for delivery establishments in Google Maps How to search for delivery establishments in Google Maps

  • A drop-down menu with a list of establishments offering to order food (and not only) and pick it up yourself or arrange delivery will open in front of you;
  • Select the required institution and go to the page dedicated to it;
  • Open the menu (if available), select the dishes you like and either call the institution to order, or leave a request on the website, or send an order directly from Google Maps (not available in all establishments).

I myself live in a small town and our Delivery Club is not yet widely represented, delivering food only from McDonald's, Burger King and Tashir pizzeria. Therefore, the introduction of the search function for restaurants and cafes working for delivery in Google Maps was a real discovery for me. Not that I was poorly guided in the catering establishments of my city, however, as it turned out, I had no idea about most of them. As a result, I managed to find establishments of Mordovian cuisine that deliver food to your door, an excellent barbecue with quality kebabs and affordable prices, and even an inexpensive steakhouse where a New York steak costs a little more than in a store.

What can be ordered with delivery

How to search for delivery establishments in Google Maps

Google Maps knows which places have delivery and which do not

Do not think that I am bragging about my diet, not at all. It's completely useless to argue that Google Maps' knowledge of the establishments in your city is clearly broader than yours. As it turned out, the branded maps of the search giant know about the existence of such inconspicuous, but high-quality eateries that you would normally not notice, and if you did, you would hardly go there. Well, since now none of us even have the opportunity to do real research, the knowledge of Google Maps about working deliveries can come in handy, brightening up your evenings in quarantine.

But Google Maps isn't just looking for food. By the keyword 'delivery', he finds generally all establishments that deliver something. Thus, without leaving my home, I sent my mother flowers in honor of her birthday and learned that the local representative of store has its own delivery service that can bring a toy to your child for free. The main thing is to collect goods for the minimum amount. I admit that Google Maps allows you to find something else, but so far I have limited myself to only this.

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