How to make your smartphone work longer in cold weather?

Using your phone in winter Whether you like it or not, freezing cold weather is part of the seasonal cycle, so all you have to do is adapt to the snow, freezing rain and other “delights” of winter. Low temperatures have a detrimental effect not only on human health, but also on smartphone batteries. In winter, especially in low temperatures (below 0), you may repeatedly notice that your phone runs out of battery much faster. In some cases, it turns off altogether.

This shouldn't happen. Today you will learn what you need to do to keep your phone working as long as possible in the cold.

Why does the battery drain quickly in cold weather?

Let's try to figure it out with the help of science. All smartphone batteries, whether lithium-ion or lithium-polymer, consist of a pair of metal plates carrying a positive and negative charge, and separated by a separator.

It is difficult to understand the device of batteries: in simple words, when charging, the plate (anode), which contains a negative charge, is filled with electrons and positive ions (cathodes) from the second plate with a positive charge. When the battery is fully charged, electrons and positive ions try to return to the anodes, but a separator between the two plates gets in their way. As a result, the particles follow a different path, through the entire smartphone system. The passage of electrons and positive ions through your smartphone provides the battery with the energy it needs to operate the device.

Very low / high temperatures disrupt the entire system. At low temperatures, resistance increases, resulting in a decrease in the number of electrons and positive ions that pass through the smartphone. As a result, the battery runs out faster. The situation is aggravated by the fact that manufacturers do not fully understand the importance of debugging the entire system. According to one study, phone manufacturers cannot explain why a device's battery indicator sometimes shows the wrong percentage.

Temperatures below freezing Celsius are the first problem for batteries. Applе reports that the optimum temperature for smooth operation iPhone is between 0 and 35 degrees Celsius. It is also recommended that you do not charge your phone in temperatures below freezing, otherwise you may cause irreparable damage to it.

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What can be done?

The battery on the phone has run out

Now you know why your phone runs out of power quickly in extreme cold, but what to do in this case? Since you cannot change the weather, we advise you to do the following to extend the life of your device.

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Activate power saving mode

First, make sure you've done your best to extend the battery life (turn off background apps, turn down the brightness or turn on auto brightness, etc.). If all else fails, the best option is to enable Power Saving Mode.

Enabling this mode on each device may be different, let's analyze it using the example of Samsung Galaxy phones. Go to “Settings”> “Battery”. On most Android devices, just press the corresponding button in the notification panel and select the power saving mode from the quick settings menu.

On devices iPhone you need to go to “Settings”> “Battery”> “Power saving mode”.

Low power mode works differently on each device, but there are some common features: background data syncing is disabled, screen brightness is reduced, performance is reduced to save battery, GPS data transmission and Wi-Fi networks are disabled.

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Keep your phone warm

This is a very useful and simple tip. Therefore, when you go outside, make sure that the smartphone is deep in your pocket, and it would be better to fasten it so that the cold wind cannot reach it. You can keep the phone close to your body to keep warm. But here you need to be careful, since sharp temperature drops are also undesirable for smartphones. In addition, overheating the battery is just as harmful as overcooling it.

Handle your phone with care and protect it from harsh environmental conditions so it will serve you for years.

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Other ways to keep your phone at optimal temperature in winter

Using your phone in winter

If you're willing to spend some money, there are other ways to keep your battery from getting cold.

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Use a case

Just as you put on a coat in winter to keep from freezing, the cover will help keep the temperature at the right temperature. There are even special thermal protective covers. Covers are best used in combination with other methods rather than separately.

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Buy a more secure smartphone

We recommend that you leave this method as a last resort, and only if you live in places with a very cold climate. In today's market, you can find a range of extreme-resistant smartphones that will perform much better in harsh conditions than other models.

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What NOT to do in cold weather

Do not use a portable charger (Power Bank)!

Do not use Powerbank in cold weather

Taking a portable charger with you may seem like a great solution: connect it to your smartphone and that's it, no problems with charging! Charging in low temperatures can severely damage the lithium-ion battery, so it may stop charging altogether. While it's good to have the power bank on hand, make sure both your phone and portable charger are not frozen before using them.

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