How to make live wallpaper on your phone from a video?

Live wallpaper Did you know that from any captured or downloaded video you can make “live” wallpapers on the main screen of your smartphone?

To work we need the Video Live Wallpaper application.

  1. Install the application in the Play Store. Video Live Wallpaper
  2. With a long press on the desktop, we call up an additional menu (for managing widgets) and select “Wallpaper”. Wallpaper
  3. Go to the user section where you can set your wallpaper. Own fori
  4. Choose Wallpaper -> Live Wallpaper. My live wallpaper
  5. Click on the plus sign – add wallpaper. Add wallpaper
  6. Select the video you want to turn into live wallpaper. And click “Install”. Set wallpaper
  7. Done. I have a video of the plane landing turned into live wallpaper on the main screen of my smartphone.

Attention! Live wallpapers drain your phone battery.

Video Live Wallpaper Video Live Wallpaper Download QR-Code Video Live Wallpaper Developer: C.C.P. Cre @ ions Price: Free

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