How to launch games from GeForce Now in Google Chrome

Despite the widespread popularity of streaming services, which have revolutionized the development of music, film and television, cloud playgrounds are still one of the least demanded types of online services. After all, if Apple Arcade, Netflix, Amediateku and some Bookmate everyone knows, then many probably have not even heard of GeForce Now. Meanwhile, this is one of the very first streaming game services that just hit the market. It's just that Nvidia, the developer of the service, did not invest in its promotion in time, and then, when it changed its mind, began to set artificial restrictions for users. We tell you how easy it is to get around them.

GeForce Now

GeForce Now is one of the earliest cloud gaming services

GeForce Now is a cloud-based gaming service that lets you play top-of-the-line console-grade games on obviously weaker devices. It can be a smartphone, tablet or just a low-power computer. Cloud technologies allow you to run games on remote servers, and the user sees and controls only the video stream. But thanks to the high-speed Internet connection, it is impossible to determine that this is just a broadcast, and not a game running on this device.

How to play GeForce Now

GeForce Now support

Launching GeForce Now on a computer without a dedicated application will not work

By default, GeForce Now can only be run on a computer if you install a dedicated app from Nvidia's website. Not that it was difficult, but personally I hate downloading and installing anything. It seems to me that this kills all the seamlessness inherent in cloud services.

But, here's the paradox, on Chrome OS you can run GeForce Now directly in the browser without the need to install third-party clients, and on the computer – regardless of the operating system – you will see a window with a message about the restriction. Are laptops based on this under-OS better suited for cloud gaming? Hardly. And we have a solution.

Getting GeForce Now running in Chrome on Mac or Windows requires a little preparation. Fortunately, it is really very simple. Don't be surprised at the strange names of the parameters – they were obviously translated by machine.

How to play GeForce Now on Chrome

  • Follow this link and download the User-Agent Switcher extension;

Extension for Google Chrome

First you need to download a special extension

  • After installation, right-click on the extension's icon and go to 'Options';

Setting up

It is obligatory to register all the given data

  • In the Custom list of user agents, in the New Username field, enter GeForce Now, in the New User-Agent String, Mozilla / 5.0 (X11; CrOS aarch64 13099.85.0) Apple WebKit /537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome / 84.0.4147.110 Safari / 537.36, and in the 'Flag Indicator' – ASX and click 'Add';

Domain change

It is very important to comply with all provisions of the instructions.

  • Open the 'List of persistent fakes' and in the 'Domain' field write, and in the 'User-Agent line' drop-down window select GeForce Now and click 'Add'.

After carrying out these simple manipulations, you can go to, log in to GeForce Now or register, if for some reason you haven't done this before, and start playing. However, remember that to play you will need a subscription (if you have not played before, you can sign up for a trial), as well as a stable internet connection. Otherwise, the signal will be intermittent, and you will either lose the quality of the picture, or you will not be able to play at all due to lags.

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