Refurbished iPhone: is it worth buying?

Refurbished iPhone The company's pricing policy Apple excludes the practice of promoting sales through temporary discounts on goods. Instead, Apple promotes a high-profile category of devices labeled with the Certified Pre-owned acronym.

This category includes officially restored equipment – in particular, iPhones. Manufacturer refurbished devices do not fit into the primary or aftermarket. In other words, they cannot be classified as new, used, or refurbished.


Therefore they are classified as 'Refurbished'. On the purchase of such a device, you can save about 15%. Another question is whether such savings are justified.

Refurbished iPhone

Devices of this type appeared as part of the CPO (Certified Pre-Owned) program, which implies a customer-friendly replacement scheme for products under warranty, and a profitable opportunity for the company to reuse components.

How is this implemented in practice?

For example, a person who recently bought a new one iPhone applies under warranty to a company store with a complaint about the incorrect operation of Touch ID or a quiet sound in the speaker. If less than 14 days have passed since the purchase, the client has the right to refuse iPhone and return his money.

All copies with minor defects, accepted under the official warranty, are sent for recovery, where they undergo a complete reassembly process. Moreover, this does not happen in a workshop, but at a company factory Apple, equipped with special equipment.

Rebuilding iPhone

Note: devices with serious damage, as well as items that have been in long-term use, cannot be used under the CPO program.

What is the factory recovery process:

  • The defective component is not repaired, but is immediately replaced with a new one;
  • A new battery and screen are being installed;
  • The device is assigned a new IMEI and a new serial number;
  • Reassembled components are put into a new case;
  • A full cycle of industrial testing is performed;
  • iPhone comes with a new box and a full set of branded accessories (also new).

Ultimately, iPhone goes on sale again, only at a discounted price and marked 'Refurbished'. Importantly, all copies restored in this way are covered by a one-year manufacturer's warranty.

Refurbished iPhone

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What is the difference from new and used iPhones

If we compare it with a completely new gadget, according to external signs, differences are present only in the design of the box, as well as in the presence of appropriate inscriptions on price tags or in the titles to the description of the goods:

  • 'Like New';
  • 'Refurbished' and its abbreviated forms (Ref, ref, RFB);
  • 'Apple Certified Pre-Owned' (or CPO).

IPhone like new

In all other respects (in appearance, functionality and quality), officially restored iPhone is almost identical to the new one.

Refurbished iPhone and new iPhone

In comparison with the usual used iPhone, there are much more differences.

  • First, the refurbished smartphone looks much more presentable – no scratches or scuffs.
  • Second, the customer will be the first user of the accessories in the kit.
  • Thirdly, a new original battery and other components are installed that are subject to rapid wear.
  • Fourthly, the manufacturer provides the same warranty as for a new device.

In the end, the buyer does not have to worry about the smartphone being stolen, repaired or dropped into the water (as is the case with used equipment).

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Is it worth buying a refurbished iPhone

In fact, there is no objective reason for not buying an officially rebuilt iPhone. This is the best option for those who want to save money and be confident in the quality of the product without risking buying a used device.

However, many remain disappointed with the purchase. One of the main reasons is that not everyone understands the difference between the types of refurbished products (Factory and Seller).

Factory (or Manufacturer) refurbished – factory refurbished by the company's specialists Apple in accordance with the CPO program standards.

Factory refurbished iPhone

Seller refurbished. This marking is received iPhone, repaired at the dealer's service center. The quality is almost always inferior to the first option and strongly depends on the complexity of the repair. At the same time, unfortunately, one cannot count on an official guarantee from the manufacturer.

Seller refurbished iPhone

There are situations when an iPhone is sold under the guise of 'Seller Refarbished', 'restored' by a private person in artisanal conditions. Non-original components can be used for repair and assembly, as well as used parts removed from other copies.

Restoring iPhone in a homemade way

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How to find out whether iPhone is restored or not?

This information will be useful not only for those who are interested in buying a Refurbished iPhone, but also as an instruction for those who do not want to be deceived by unscrupulous sellers. Those who take advantage of the ignorance of buyers and give out refurbished iPhones as new ones, and repaired iPhones, it is not clear where and by whom, as refurbished ones.

In such cases, understanding the terminology (Factory and Seller) may not be enough: they can write anything they want on the price tag or in the product description.

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Distinctive features of the officially restored iPhone

Box. Regardless of the version iPhone (5s, X, etc.), on the front side of the box, instead of the smartphone image, there is an inscription with the model name, and below – the inscription 'Apple Certified Pre-owned '.

On the back of the box is the serial number (all S / N Refurbished iPhones start with the letter F), followed by RFB, indicating the product category.

Refurbished iPhone markings

Appearance. The body of the smartphone and all accessories in the kit must be in perfect condition, in the original films and without any traces of use.

New iPhone unboxing

Serial number. The most reliable way to check an iPhone is by S / N. You need to make sure that the S / N indicated on the box and in the smartphone settings are identical. On devices that have not yet been activated upon first use, the serial number can be found on the welcome screen by clicking on the 'i' button in the lower right corner.

Serial number for iPhone

If the presetting stage has already been passed, S / N can be found in the settings (section 'General, item' About this device ').

IPhone Serial Number

There you can also pay attention to the 'Model' column. If the first letter 'M' is a new (or used) iPhone, 'F' means refurbished.

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How to check iPhone by serial number?

If the S / N matches, it's time to go through the eligibility check for service through the appropriate section on the official website Apple. On the verification page, you must fill in the 'Serial number' field, enter the captcha and click 'Continue'.

IPhone authentication through the site

Three check marks will be green, indicating that iPhone passes the test and is either new or officially restored. In this case, you should make sure that the service support period does not expire earlier than 1 year from the moment the device is activated.

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Where can you buy iPhone CPO

You can purchase a refurbished iPhone directly through the online store Apple. For these purposes, a special section has been created on the company's website – “Certified Refurbished”. The only drawback of this method is the presence of restrictions on sending to certain countries.

Buy Refurbished iPhone

What to do for those who cannot (or do not want) to order through the Apple Store? The main recommendation is to refrain from buying refurbished iPhones from unknown stores. The safest option is to buy exclusively through Apple's authorized sales representatives.

Official Store Apple

A list of the main authorized resellers (by country) is presented on the company's website Apple. Com

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