How to install Fortnite on Android without Google Play

It was reported this week that Apple and Google have removed the Fortnite game from their app stores. The first to make such a decision Apple, outraged by the fact that Epic Games – the developer studio – added to the game its own in-app purchase payment tool. Google was outraged too, but a little later. In any case, the game disappeared from Google Play only after a night, although the developers also added a similar innovation to the version for Android simultaneously with iOS. This could not but come as a shock to users. But if old gamers still have the game, then it will be a little more difficult to install it for new ones.


You can install Fortnite without Google Play

Obviously, the most optimal way to install Fortnite so far has been downloading from Google Play. But since the game is not currently in the official Google catalog, you have to go around the rules. Despite the fact that the Internet is full of sources that offer the APK file of the most current Fortnite build for download, we will not gesture, but will use the most legal means.

How to download Fortnite


This is what the Fortnite installer looks like, which can be downloaded from the AppGallery

The first method is suitable for owners of Samsung smartphones. It will be easier for you because Fortnite is officially published on the Galaxy Store. Just open it and type in the name of the game in the search, and then install it on your smartphone.

The owners of the devices Huawei will have a little more difficulty. The App Gallery store does not contain the game itself, but an installation file. That is, having downloaded it to your smartphone, you still have to download the main Fortnite package. However, it is not difficult. After downloading the installation file, you will be presented with step-by-step instructions that will prevent you from getting lost and doing something wrong.

How to install Fortnite on Android

For everyone else, there is a general way that Epic Games itself suggests:

  • Follow this link from your Android – smartphone;
  • Click on the black download button in the middle of the screen;

Epic Games Installer

First you need to install Epic Games' own app catalog

  • Confirm the download of the Epic Games APK file (this is not the game itself);
  • Go to the Epic Games app, select Fortnite and click 'Install';

Fortnite Installer

Only then can Fortnite itself be installed

  • In the security warning window, select 'Settings' – 'Allow installation of applications';
  • Confirm Fortnite installation, then log in and download updates.

Where is the best place to download Fortnite


Check out Epic Games' message to users, it's really epic

It is important to understand that this installation method will work even for those who already have Fortnite installed. The fact is that due to the removal of the game from Google Play, the Epic Games developers have lost the opportunity to update it by distributing fresh patches through the catalog. Therefore, if you want to get access to the new season, which started on Friday, you should install the game exactly as described above. It's in your best interest. At the end of the day, it's worth doing just for the sake of being able to buy V-Bucks at 20% off the original price.

When it comes to updates, Epic Games has it covered. After all, Fortnite for Android was originally planned to be self-redistributed by the developer studio. Therefore, new versions of the game will be delivered to users directly through the update tool built into the game client. All that is required of you is to confirm the installation of a fresh assembly when entering the game and wait for it to be downloaded and installed. After that you will be able to join the game again.

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