Huawei prepares lidar for self-driving cars. Need a fallback

When a company hits some ceiling of its development or when it starts having obvious problems with the business, it often looks for some alternative ways of development. Approximately in this position is now Huawei, which must overcome difficulty after difficulty. It seems that now the company understands that the market is changing and it will not be able to survive only due to its cool smartphones. And what to do if at some point it cannot produce them at all. Of course, she makes a lot of money on telecommunications equipment, but alternative paths are still needed and it seems that the Chinese company has found them in self-driving cars. Sounds a little odd considering her profile, but there is some sense in it.

Stand Huawei

This company needs to somehow get out and come up with something new. Although, who doesn't?

Lidars Huawei

Now, despite the problems that Huawei have to overcome due to the sanctions imposed by the US government, the company remains one of the leaders in the industry, but you should not think that this will always be so. That is why we must look for expansion opportunities.

Huawei is also developing at the expense of its other businesses – the production of telecommunications equipment and lidars for cars.

Currently Huawei is working on low-cost lidar products for autonomous vehicles, according to KrASIA. In addition to enhancing product profitability, the company seeks to improve productivity. The company also announced last June that it will spend more than £ 12.5 billion (roughly $ 16 billion, or RUB 1.7 trillion) over the next five years on self-driving cars and electric vehicles.

The cost of the lidars that it plans to release Huawei will be very small.

During the opening of the 12th Blue Book Automotive Forum in Wuhan, the head of the smart car division Huawei said the company plans to release lidars worth less than $ 100 in the future. Currently, the lidars available on the market average around $ 500. The fivefold difference looks like a very generous offer. Especially if the final product does not lose quality in relation to analogs.


This is how the lidar sees the world and it is enough for him.

Autonomous cars Huawei

Huawei will use its expertise in the telecommunications sector to bring the best automotive products to car manufacturers. Many companies are now purchasing lidar sensors for their autonomous vehicles. Something like a redivision of the market is going on, when new technologies give way to traditional ones. The transition to new types of transport now resembles what was happening at the end of the 2000s, when users en masse switched from push-button dialers to smartphones.

If everything goes as fast as it did then, then the very companies that can now reorganize will be able to become the real leaders of the industry. Those who miss the moment will repeat the fate of Nokia, Alcatel and Motorola in the world of phones.

What is lidar

The lidar sensor emits beams of laser light to measure the distance between the source and the object. According to a company representative, the development of technology 5G will help reduce the cost of sensors. Huawei already had a research and development center in Wuhan with over 10,000 employees. Just think about this number of people who are not employed in production or trade, but in development. That's really a lot.

Chinese factory

When the development is completed, such a plant will come into play.

Autonomous driving solutions are already being offered to car manufacturers. The company will soon release lidars for 100 and 200 channels at a lower price than competitors. However, it is not planned to launch its own unmanned vehicle yet. It may be a matter of time, but making your own car is very expensive. Of course, if you do not make something like a car from LeEco, which was shown at the exhibition, filmed in “Transformers” and that's it. It is also noted that Huawei develops innovative solutions for faster development and production of cars.

New Business Huawei

Last September Huawei also developed a comprehensive fourth level intelligent driving solution. This is the level at which there is only one step left to the fifth, at which full autonomy of driving is ensured. The company will offer these autonomous driving solutions to car manufacturers. Probably doing the same thing Apple. We often hear about her development in the field of self-driving, and therefore many are waiting for the whole car, but if the idea is still alive, then most likely it will be something like what it does Huawei.

Unmanned vehicle

Self-driving cars are the future. See what place Huawei will take in it.

Representative Huawei also announced partnerships with several companies including Audi, BYD and the GAC Group. With lidar sensors Huawei will present a hardware product for the automotive industry for the first time. Just imagine how cool smartphones will work as a car access key.

Due to US sanctions, the company has no access to technology and other facilities of American companies, but no one is going to give up. I like these guys more and more. It is more and more interesting to watch them.

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