The most beautiful smartphones in 2020

In 2020, it is already indecent to choose smartphones based on their performance alone. What's the difference if a Snapdragon 710 or 855 is installed? Yes, you can play modern games at maximum graphics settings, but how many people play games? In my opinion, no. Much more important is the capabilities of the camera and the appearance of the phone. In the modern world, the amount of RAM and internal memory is not so important, simply because even budget phones are equipped with 6 GB of RAM and 64 GB of internal memory, which will be enough for any ordinary user in 2020. We will ignore the camera issue, but consider an important topic – appearance. What are the most beautiful smartphones in 2020?

The most beautiful smartphones in 2020

The most beautiful smartphones in 2020

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 – strict and modern

The most beautiful smartphones in 2020

Samsung Galaxy Note 10

In my opinion, it can be called the most beautiful device in 2020. Although the phone is the flagship of 2019, it offers an attractive appearance due to its sharp corners. The phone looks stylish and strict at the same time, and the thin bezels create a futuristic effect. The only thing that confuses me is the mother-of-pearl back cover, because of which all the severity is slightly spoiled.

Apple iPhone 11 – stylish and inexpensive

The most beautiful smartphones in 2020

Apple iPhone 11

It is the 11th model that attracts with its appearance. In the 11 Pro we have 3 cameras that are not symmetrical, which spoils the whole harmony. In the case of iPhone 11 on the rear panel there are 2 modules located in one line, so there is no problem with that. I have always liked the fact that Apple in their phones uses the same size of frames around the entire perimeter of the device. This gives the phone a cleaner and more aesthetic look. Android – manufacturers, meanwhile, try to make the side and top bezels thin, while the bottom is 2 times thicker, which is not very nice.

Sony Xperia 1 Long Screen

The most beautiful smartphones in 2020

Sony Xperia 1

Sony has always delighted its fans with the strict and special design of its devices. And the Xperia 1 did not disappoint in this matter. The phone looks very interesting and cool due to the rather thin bezels and the non-standard aspect ratio of the 21: 9 screen.

Sony is not trying to use differently patterned mother-of-pearl back covers on its phones, which sets it apart from its Chinese competitors.

HTC Exodus 1 with transparent cover

The most beautiful smartphones in 2020

HTC Exodus 1

HTC, although it does not already produce phones, it boasts a rather attractive and unusual Exodus 1. This is a phone with built-in secure cryptocurrency wallets. Externally, it features a transparent back cover.

Foldable Motorola Razr

The most beautiful smartphones in 2020

Motorola Razr

This is undoubtedly one of the nicest phones on the market. And it's not just the folding mechanism and flexible display. The device offers an interesting back cover design, as well as an additional display that has a rounded shape around the entire perimeter. Undoubtedly Motorola Razr are some of the most beautiful phones out there today.

Frameless Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha

The most beautiful smartphones in 2020

Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha

The phone may not be available yet, but it offers a stunning design coupled with a folding mechanism. In Russia, the device can be reserved for about 200 thousand rubles.

Stylish Google Pixel 4

The most beautiful smartphones in 2020

Google Pixel 4

Didn't you wait? It's hard to say what attracts Google's new flagship. There are nice materials, a fairly neat design. Yes, the top bezel is quite large, but in the meantime, there is a small bottom bezel here, which creates a nice effect. Pixel 4 still stands out against the background of Chinese phones even with the upper bezel. American designers are doing their job.

Special Meizu 16

The most beautiful smartphones in 2020

Meizu 16

The device was presented in August 2018, but to this day it seems unusual and interesting due to its appearance. It is very different from anything on the market today.

BlackBerry KeyOne for business

The most beautiful smartphones in 2020

BlackBerry KeyOne

This is probably the prettiest phone I have ever seen. Just look how strict and aesthetically beautiful he is. It is a pity that the company will no longer release new devices due to the termination of the agreement with TCL.

Perhaps this is the entire list of the most beautiful devices today. I want to note that the list is subjective and will seem wrong to many. Suggest your options for the most beautiful devices in the comments to this publication. And don't forget about our Telegram.

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