L – hypocrisy. CEO Xiaomi uses iPhone but hides it

Do you know who ambassadors are? In the market sense of this term, these are people who are the face of a brand and use its products in public. For example, Vladimir Pozner is an ambassador for a car brand Jaguar and drives their cars, and Ksenia Sobchak was once an ambassador for Samsung and used their smartphones, albeit for a short time. But all of them, in one way or another, are associated with brands by contractual obligations, and the only ambassadors who, according to their position, must advertise branded goods, are the CEOs of the companies. True, as it turned out, not everyone understands this.

L - hypocrisy.  CEO Xiaomi uses iPhone but hides it

Lei Jun uses iPhone, but somehow hesitates

CEO Xiaomi Lei Jun, despite his declaration of love for ceramic Xiaomi Mi Mix 2, turned out to be an active user iPhone. He was caught in this by users of the social network Weibo, where he published a post sent with iPhone. Everything would be fine, but when the top manager was pointed to this, he immediately deleted the publication, and then posted it again, but with the help of Xiaomi Mi 10. Only this act turned out to be completely mistaken, since he gave out that Jun shy about using iPhone, which means, most likely, uses it on an ongoing basis.

How disgraced Xiaomi

L - hypocrisy.  CEO Xiaomi uses iPhone but hides it

Here you can see that the original message was sent from iPhone

L - hypocrisy.  CEO Xiaomi uses iPhone but hides it

And this is the second attempt

I am not a prude and I do not see anything wrong with the fact that the head of a global corporation uses competitors' products. After all, I myself use both Android and iOS. However, this behavior, which the CEO Xiaomi allowed himself, is absolutely unacceptable for a person of his position. Instead of embarrassing himself like this – and the Internet, as you know, remembers everything – Jun could turn on his head himself, or at least force the people who are responsible for creativity in the company to do it, so that they figure out how to get out of this situation with minimal reputation losses.

Well, for example, if I were Jun, I would admit that I use iPhone, and tell the gullible public something about the fact that 'you need to know the enemy in person' or the need to 'keep friends close, and enemies too closer'. I think there would be suitable equivalents for these sayings in Chinese. However, by deleting the original message, he behaved like a thief fleeing the crime scene. There was only one Pan Jiutang who is a financial analyst Xiaomi, performing consulting services.

Should you buy iPhone

L - hypocrisy.  CEO Xiaomi uses iPhone but hides it

The CEO Xiaomi is not even able to stand up for himself

Jutang did not chew his snot, but immediately launched an attack on those who accused Jun of cheating on his company's products. He stated that many manufacturers copy technologies from each other, improve them and without fail research the developments of competitors. And those who deny that they use iPhone are either hypocrites or completely uninformed and unprofessional employees, Tszyutang stressed, because it is impossible to compete with someone without knowing his habits.

It turns out that Jutang is the only one who behaved like a man, only he did it too late. But, frankly, he didn't say anything new. Many heads of global corporations use competitors' technology. Let's say the founder Huawei Ren Zhenfei honestly admitted that he owns almost the entire range of devices Apple and buys them for his family members. CEO Realme has been spotted tweeting from his iPhone multiple times, and former CEO Meizu Lee Nan admitted to having switched to iPhone , but only after leaving his post.

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