How to Android download the Fortnite update with the new season

The scandalous behavior of Epic Games, which added its own payment tool to Fortnite, bypassing the App Store and Google Play rules, is just beginning to bear fruit. For example, Apple threatened the violator with the deletion of the developer account and blocking the Unreal Engine, on which many top games are built, on which Epic Games itself stated that it would not allow device users Apple to play with the rest. But the worst of all is not even that, but the fact that iPhone, iPad and Mac will not get access to the new season, which kicked off this week. Fortunately, at Android this is much easier.


Fortnite received an update, but not everyone can download it

Let's start by explaining what the new season is all about. This is a massive update that expands on the storyline, which will now be based on the storyline of Captain America. That is, now players will fight against the most powerful heroes of the Marvel universe. They will face grandiose battles, new weapons, skins and tasks, and at the end – the arrival of the villain Galactus, who will need to be defeated. True, this will happen only in a few months, in the course of the development of the storyline.

Where to get the new season of Fortnite

Fortnite New Season

Fortnite has begun a new season

If you've downloaded Fortnite from Google Play, it won't get any updates, including access to the new season. This is due to the fact that the copy of the game intended for the official Google catalog does not have a standalone update tool. Therefore, you have to tweak a little to get the update. Looking ahead, I will say that there is nothing difficult about this, but before you start, you will have to uninstall Fortnite from your smartphone. Yes, yes, that's so radical. Deleted? Okay, then let's continue.

The Fortnite auto-update client must now be installed. This can be done either through the Galaxy App Store, which is available on Samsung smartphones, or through the Epic Games Store from Epic Games studio. The second platform is universal, and therefore we will focus on it:

  • Follow this link and download the Epic Games Store;
  • Install the Epic Games Store and allow app installation;

Epic Games Store

Fortnite is easiest to download from the Epic Games Store

  • From the Epic Games Store, select Fortnite and download the installer;
  • Launch Fortnite and wait for all components to load.

How to update Fortnite without Google Play


Galactus will be the main villain of the new season

The Epic Games Store is Epic Games' own app store, so the Fortnite you download there will already contain an update with access to Season 4. What's more, the Official Catalog instance includes a built-in auto-update tool so you can continue to update Fortnite regardless of Google Play, Galaxy App Store, AppGallery, and other catalogs. It will be enough just to confirm the download of the patch and wait for it to be installed.

Given the ongoing disagreements between Epic Games and Apple and Google, it would be more logical to download Fortnite from the studio's own directory. Thus, firstly, you will get access to the latest updates and a new storyline, secondly, you will not depend on either the App Store or Google Play, and, thirdly, you will be able to buy in-game currency V-Bucks at a discount 20%. Epic Games offered this discount by introducing its own payment tool into the game, which allows the studio to pay no commission.

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