7 best new games for Android. June 2020

Everyone wants to play something on their smartphone from time to time. At this point, those who do not follow all the latest in the industry may get a little lost from the huge selection of games on Google Play. Especially to make life easier for such users, we periodically publish a selection of games that you can play at your leisure. Among them there are those that may appeal to experienced players. We do not hesitate to include paid games in the selection, because sometimes it is better to pay right away and not be distracted by advertising. But there are also free games. In general, everyone has a chance to find exactly what they like – come in and choose.

7 best new games for Android.  June 2020

Smartphone games are good, but they can be difficult to choose.

What to play on Android in July

It seems like Android – games are getting better and better every month, and there are always tons of new games coming up on Google Play. Sometimes they appear more, sometimes less, but, as a rule, the frequency of such occurrence is more or less stable. Check out this collection of the best new games released this June.

Dead Cells – expensive, but high quality

Dead Cells is the latest game from Playdigious, the publisher of popular games like Cultist Simulator, Evoland, Teslagrad and OK Golf. You have to fight your way through various levels, jumping over obstacles and beating bad guys when they come up to you.

The game is not very unique in its mechanics, but it is executed just fine. There is no time limit and you can explore the world at your own pace. In addition, there are several control options, including support for external controllers. The game is expensive, but it justifies its price, especially since there are no internal purchases in it.

Download Dead Cells from Google Play

Endurance – how about endurance

Endurance is a game made by the same developer as Ailment and is just as good. Players dive into the past to investigate the ship (Endurance) and find out how the virus spread.

The games are not related to each other, but if you are interested in Endurance, then you should pay attention to Ailment to enjoy it. Players explore the ship, shoot the bad guys, collect tons of weapons, and just enjoy playing retro shooter.

Small additions like hardware controller support make Endurance even better. The free version contains ads and cannot work offline. The premium version solves these problems.

Download Endurance from Goolge Play

Exos Heroes – peppy action

Exos Heroes is an RPG game that provides players with an open world to explore, lots of things to do, and a good storyline.

The gameplay is interesting, and the players are offered several modes to make it more interesting to spend time if you get bored. It doesn't work to call it complicated. Those who have passed it say that this is just a good game, especially if you want to spend time. The storyline shouldn't be difficult. True, sometimes the game has something to “get to the bottom” in terms of translation from the original language.

Download Exos Heroes from Google Play

Checkered islands are not the most intricate

Checkered Islands is a game that cannot be suspected of being overly meaningful. The player's task is to put small Griddy creatures on the board, and small creatures will jump over them, so that you get money and can upgrade to them.

The game scales very well and has over 50 levels of Griddy to collect, combine and get results. The game will not impress anyone, but for “killing time” it is perfect. At first there were mistakes in it, but the developers quickly corrected everything and now there are almost no questions about the game.

Download Checkered Islands from Google Play

Small Town Murders – detective detective

The main part of the game is a genre of “three in a row”, but in parallel, you will learn the details of a crime that happened in a small town.

The game's narrative tells the story of a murder and you must find out who the murderer is. You do this by solving those same three-in-a-row puzzles and passing levels. Then you use the keys that you get for it, interrogate the suspects. There are a lot of levels, and the game is free, so keep in mind that you will be constantly pushed to in-game purchases. At some point, you can give up when it becomes very interesting, but you will not be able to complete the level.

Download Small Town Murders from Google Play

WarQuest – Text RPG

In this game, you will have to lead the actions of Tokar, a mercenary with a past worthy of admiration. You send him on missions, as well as to collect various things. It's a bit more like an interactive story with RPG elements than a regular text-based RPG, but that's okay if you like reading stories.

The game is well thought out in all directions, although some users criticize the ending of the game in reviews, but we will not talk about that now – no one likes spoilers. In any case, the game is free, so you can try it.

Download WarQuest from Google Play

Whipsey – antique platformer

Whipsey is a 2D side-scrolling platformer. It uses a graphic style similar to the platformers of the 1990s, so many will experience some nostalgia as they play.

The title character can run, jump and move as usual, or use inventory to overcome obstacles. Most of the criticism regarding the game is not even that it is paid (85 rubles is not so much), but that it is short. Perhaps the developer will understand this and increase the game, even if they charge more money for it.

Download Whipsey from Google Play

In the end, I would like to ask you, what would you advise to play? Write the name in the comments or in our Telegram chat. Let's help each other find something interesting.

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