Detective stories and other mystical games for Android

Everyone loves to play on a smartphone. Even those who say that this is all nonsense, no, no, yes, they will play something. The fact is that a smartphone is the perfect gadget for gaming. He is always with him and you can always play with him on the road, passing a couple of tens of minutes or even several hours. From time to time we publish interesting collections of games for Android and here is just one of them. Today I will talk about mystical games. Some of them are paid, while others can be played without money. No matter how much they cost, they are the best of their kind. It's up to you to choose what to play, but for now I'll just tell you what is there.

Detective stories and other mystical games for Android

Good games for Android are always good.

Mystical games for Android

There is nothing better than a good secret. The history of games with such a mystery creates a real intrigue and makes you think hard. It's good that there are such games for Android, although they are not easy to find.

Below you will find only the best mystical games. However, if you have something to add, then our Telegram chat is at your service.

Before listing the games, I would like to point out that not all of them are Russified, so keep this in mind before deciding to buy something.

Ace Attorney – four games in the series

Each of these games costs a lot, but they are really good. Ace Attorney is a popular mystery novel from the Nintendo DS and 3DS. Four of them are available at Android, but they are all similar to each other and will suit those who are missing one part.

You start a case, collect evidence and use it in court to win. Some games allow you to combine hints to create new, more transparent hints. These are purely console ports, but that's fine. They are quite expensive, but there are no in-app purchases or ads to spoil the experience.

Download Ace Attorney from Google Play

Escape Adventure – Five Parts

The Adventure Escape series by Haiku Games is a popular mystery game series. Each game in the series has a storyline, and players must solve puzzles to complete the entire storyline.

The game includes mysteries, puzzles and built-in mini-games. All games in the series are classic adventure games in which you find things and then use them in various puzzles. The games are completely free to play, but you will be prompted to buy hints, although not required.

Download Escape Adventure from Google Play

Clue – almost like a tabletop

Clue is an adaptation of the Clue board game. You move around the board to collect evidence and find out who the killer is, where the murder took place, and what was the weapon.

Sometimes the game has questions from the point of view of the plot, which periodically subsides, but often you forget about it. At the moment the game has problems with some modes, but it is possible that some of this has already been corrected.

Download Clue from Google Play

Danganronpa – Mysterious Thriller

Another expensive game is Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc. This is a gripping thriller novel. The game is also one of the best in the genre. You start out as a student at a government-funded academy with some other students.

Players find evidence and find out who tried to kill a classmate so that he could get away with it. This version continues the original PSP game, but with some additional content. The game is very expensive, but there are no purchases or ads to spoil everything.

Download Danganronpa from Google Play

Life is Strange – two games

Life is Strange is a puzzle adventure game from Square Enix. You play as a girl with the ability to rewind time in order to change something. You will need to investigate the mysterious disappearance of a person.

The mechanics of the game are pretty good with decent graphics and a funny story. Sometimes the dialogue gets a little drawn out, but no one is perfect. It's nice that this game is free to play. Square Enix also has a prequel available for Android.

Download Life is Strange from Google Play

The Professor Layton series – Professor Stories

The Professor Layton series is a popular mystery game from the Nintendo DS. It has now been moved to Android. There are currently four games available, but before downloading each, you should check the cost.

Games are of a similar nature. Professor Leighton goes on a journey to solve various riddles. The series was very popular on the Nintendo DS and it is likely that it will gain popularity on smartphones as well. If you buy the game, you can play it without ads or in-app purchases.

Download The Professor Layton from Google Play

Rusty Lake and Cube Escape – Multiple Games

Rusty Lake is a developer on Google Play and almost all of its games are mystical. Cube Escape is a series of games with quest mechanics that includes ten games.

All of these games use turn-based mechanics to navigate and interact with the game world. The Rusty Lake series has a lot more storyline than Cube Escape, but you'll likely enjoy both games. These are great mystical games.

Download Rusty Lake and Cube Escape from Google Play

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