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We often publish a selection of good games, but they usually come down to one genre or another. Sometimes they are collected according to the principle of relevance, that is, everything is new. It also happens that we publish paid and free games separately. Everything so that everyone finds what he needs. This time, we decided to move away from the boundaries of genres and conventions of the distribution model, talking about games with beautiful graphics. More precisely, these will not be just games that delight the eye with thoughtful images, but those that will show themselves best on productive smartphones. They are also said to be “faster than your eyes”. If you were looking for such games, then they are in this collection.

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For many games, graphics are everything.

Nimian Legends: Brightridge – Open World Game

This project took a long time to create, but still offers one of the most impressive graphics games for Android. This open-world adventure game offers many customization options to fit any smartphone. At the same time, it looks very cool on top devices.

Nimian Legends: Brightridge offers multiple story modes to navigate through her vibrant fantasy world. You need to go through quests, defeat enemies and explore the game world, in which you can move freely. You can even change your character in a very interesting way. The game will offer you a lot of entertainment, regardless of whether you will complete missions and tasks, or just idly wander around the game world and discover beautiful game zones.

Download Nimian Legends: Brightridge

Returner 77 – beautiful puzzle

Puzzles aren't usually known for their fantastic graphics, but Returner 77 is an exception. The game will offer you puzzles in an absolutely beautiful sci-fi world. It takes place on the Earth of the future after the invasion of aliens. You will be tasked with exploring the alien spacecraft to learn more about their advanced technology that could save humanity.

The game is atmospheric, but sometimes you have to wonder if aliens on their ship really need such complex doors? The alien technology in question is built on crystals and light projections, which are depicted with a lot of graphic elements. The game is paid, but if the price seems high to you, you can download the demo version and try the first two levels for free.

Download Returner 77

Asphalt 9: Legends – arcade racing game

The selection would be incomplete without this game. Gameloft's Asphalt series has set the standard for realistic racing games for Android. The latest release, Asphalt 9: Legends, definitely won't disappoint when it comes to visuals. In the game you will find the most beautiful cars and will be able to drive them.

A wide selection of famous cars (about 50) include Ferrari, Porsche, Lamborghini and others. Collect high-value models like the Aston Martin Vulcan, Ford GT, Nissan GT-R Nismo, Ferrari 488 GTB, LaFerrari and McLaren P1 and then ride them in exotic locations. There is no way to damage the car as the game is still very arcade and aggressive driving is welcome.

The cool graphics really give you an immersive feeling as you race down the track and admire your car. In the tradition of this series of games, you can download and play it for free, but in-game purchases will tempt you in every way.

Download Asphalt 9: Legends

PUBG Mobile is an alternative to Fortnite

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, commonly known as PUBG, is one of the most popular video games on PC and Xbox. Since it appeared on mobile devices, it has become a real hit. One of the most impressive things about it is that it looks as good on a small screen as it does on a desktop computer.

The gameplay is the same immersive battle royale scenario that made the original a hit on PC. 100 players jump with a parachute to the island, collect weapons, equipment and fight for survival. The game is fast, as the narrowing of the safe zone brings players together into a small area.

While the controls aren't as precise as on PC or Xbox, only those who also play on your smartphone play against you. In this regard, everything is fair. The graphics in the game are good and so far PUBG is free to play with in-game currency, which basically allows you to buy skins and other tinsel.

Download PUBG Mobile

If you want to see on your phone the popular gothic military fantasy universe created by Games Workshop, embodied in all the darkest details, then this game is for you.

In Freeblade, you play the role of an Imperial Knight with a variety of devastating weapons. Your mission is to fight your way through hordes of wild aliens and demonic forces of chaos.

In addition to great graphics, Freeblade's controls make the controls simple and intuitive. You can upgrade your Knight with in-app purchases to gain the advantage of multiplayer PvP, but the single player campaign is long enough to provide hours of free play.

Download Warhammer 40, 000: Freeblade

Dead Trigger 2 – zombie shooter

Zombie games are often full of game clichés, but if done right, it's still incredibly enjoyable to crush shuffling monsters with heavy firepower. Dead Trigger 2 is not only done right, but also looks beautiful. Created by Madfinger Games, this first-person shooter boasts hundreds of missions with a wide variety of weapons. The choice ranged from conventional weapons to hammers and machetes. There is even such madness as a boat motor or exploding chickens.

The game will not be monotonous throughout its course. The battles are well thought out, and the characters have their own characteristics to consider. Different zombies behave differently.

For lovers of this mode, there is a well-supported multiplayer. The game supports gamepads and multiple touch control modes depending on your preference.

Download Dead Trigger 2

Galaxy Reavers – strategy for Android

There are not many strategy games for Android other than cartoon tower defense games. Galaxy Reavers can offer decent strategic and tactical gameplay. It's all wrapped up in a shiny package of cool ships that battle against an inviting space backdrop.

The battles themselves take place between relatively small groups of ships with a specific aesthetic.

The battles can seem a little slow. All because it is. This is a collision of powerful ships, not a fast battle of fighters. But this is also good, because you will have time to feel the process and consider the battlefield. It also gives scope for tactics. For example, you can issue commands before the start of the battle to take an advantageous position, or focus your fire on the back of enemy ships to destroy their engines, leaving them stranded.

There are also auxiliary elements in the game, such as superweapons, shields and the like. It's not just “hit, run” for you.

Download Galaxy Reavers

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