Google is testing a new 'Share' menu in Chrome for Android. How to turn on

I thought for a long time why I love Google Chrome. After all, by and large, there is nothing unique about it. The same Firefox has extensions and an ad blocker, and its security is clearly better than the brainchild of the search giant, not to mention much less resource consumption. However, everything fell into place when I remembered about the experimental settings menu, which is hidden from ordinary users, but accessible to advanced users, allowing them to expand the functionality of the browser with just a press of a couple of keys.

Google is testing a new 'Share' menu in Chrome for Android.  How to turn on

The experimental Chrome menu hides a lot of interesting things

The experimental menu includes those parameters that Google is still testing and is not sure if it is worth implementing them at all in the final version of the browser. For this reason, some functions may be unstable or not work at all. However, in most cases, all the parameters from the experimental menu work fine, providing you with access to those features that will become available to everyone else, oh, how long ago. For example, the night theme for websites in Chrome can still only be enabled through this menu. But why am I?

And besides, Google is now testing an updated 'Share' menu in Chrome for Android. The company's designers have completely redrawn its design and changed the layout. But if I didn't really like the new design, then I highly appreciated the displacement of all controls to the bottom. Still, on smartphones with screens from 6.5 inches, it turns out to be much more convenient than reaching even to the middle of the display to select the desired item. If desired, you can add a function for creating screenshots here.

How to enable a new menu in Chrome

  • To do this, go to chrome: // flags;
  • Find the Chrome Sharing Hub option and enable it by clicking the Enabled button;

Google is testing a new 'Share' menu in Chrome for Android.  How to turn on

On the left – it was, on the right – it became

  • Restart your browser by clicking the Relaunch button at the bottom of the screen;
  • Find the Chrome Share Screenshot option and do the same with it.

Apparently, the new Share menu is one of those innovations that work unstable on some devices. In any case, on Honor View 20 it was not possible to start it, even though the activation of the parameter in the experimental menu was successful. However, there is a way out of the situation. If you want to try this and many other innovations that are in the testing phase, install yourself Chrome Canary. This is a test version of the browser, where all new features appear before anyone else.

How to disable flags in Chrome

What if you don't like the new design of the Share menu and want to undo the applied changes? To do this, go back to the section with flags, find the parameters that you enabled earlier, and put them in the Disabled state, then restart the browser by pressing the Relaunch button. It is very important that you disable all options one at a time and restart Chrome after each shutdown so that the changes are guaranteed to take effect. Otherwise, the innovations may not turn off and you will have to repeat the whole procedure again.

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