Google messages: block SMS, bulk messaging, settings

send SMS On smartphones with a pre-installed clean Android OS (Digma, Alcatel), the built-in Google Messages application is responsible for receiving and writing SMS text messages.

When you first start the program, you are prompted to start a text chat with contacts from your contacts.

Start chat

Select who you want to write a message to from the list of contacts, a text input field and a virtual keyboard will appear.

Write sms

How to block receiving SMS and calls from certain numbers, for example, advertising SMS from short numbers? We go to the application settings (three dots in the upper right corner) – Blocked contacts. And we add here the phone numbers that you want to block.

Blocked contacts


For more fine-tuning, the following options are available in the application:

  • Application for sms exchange. By default, it is one in the phone. But Play Market has several third-party developments with advanced functionality – only for confident Android users. SMS exchange application
  • Notifications — Set to sound and vibrate when you receive notifications. Configuring notifications
  • Sound when sending a message.
  • Your current country (automatically determined). The settings for sending SMS depend on the choice of the country. So if you don't have sms, check your country settings. Country selection automatically
  • Automatic preview of links. Google obtains preview content from linked sites. The preview will be available only by a link from known sources (so as not to get a virus on your phone). To save mobile traffic, you can enable the option “Download preview data only via Wi-Fi”. Automatic link preview
  • Group messages – the ability to send sms or mms messages to several recipients at once. Something like a general mailing to your contacts, for example, advertising. Group mailing
  • Automatically download MMS, but remember about the consumption of mobile traffic.
  • Automatically download MMS while roaming – disable the option.
  • Use simple symbols – special. characters in SMS messages will be converted.
  • Delivery report – SMS delivery notification is a useful option, do not disable it.
  • Messages on the SIM card. Your SIM card can be used to store a limited number of text messages, not just your contact list.
  • Phone number is your phone number.

SMS and mms message settings

So, we have reviewed all the available settings for sending / receiving SMS and MMS messages. We learned how to block unwanted messages and calls, send bulk messages to our contacts and receive a message sending report.

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