How to increase text size on Android?

Font size You can increase the size of the text and adjust the sharpness of the image in the Special Settings in your phone. More on this later in the article.

Go to Settings – Screen (Personalization or Display) – Text Size.

Text size

You will see a scale, moving the slider along which, you can increase the size of the text. The following formats are available:

  • XS is the smallest
  • S – small size,
  • M – medium,
  • L – enlarged,
  • XL – large
  • XXL is very large.

Text size

Remember, the larger the text, the less information will enter the smartphone screen.

If you have a different menu and do not have the desired option, then all the settings for the text can be found through the search bar in Settings. We just type in the word “Text”, and it gives us all the results: text size, contrast, color settings and more.

Text size

Not all installed applications use the system font size (the one you installed). Therefore, some programs will retain the small print.

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