How to enable night mode in google maps. Almost

The night theme is a phenomenon that is difficult to surprise anyone today. In just a year, it has gone from a major industry trend to a half-forgotten feature that many no longer even use. But until recently, users massively demanded from developers to implement a night theme in their applications and shamed them for not having one, comparing them with more agile competitors. Not that they really need it, but since in Android 10 a system mechanism appeared that includes the night theme in all applications, it is strange to launch some programs and see that their interface remains light. For example, as is the case with google maps.

How to enable night mode in google maps.  Almost

Google Maps doesn't have a night theme, but you can still enable it.

For some unknown reason, night mode, which most Google apps have, is still missing from Google Maps. At least officially. Apparently, the initially complex design of the application affects, which will have to be colored, redrawn and rechecked for color combinations, while not getting out of the general design concept of design. After all, if the night theme in WhatsApp has been drawn for more than a year, what can be said about Google maps, where there are several times more component elements. However, you can still try to get around this limitation.

Night theme in Google Maps

Despite the fact that there is no official night mode in Google maps, Google itself still has it, and, it seems, is quite ready to go public. It can even be activated, albeit in a slightly confused way, which, obviously, will not suit everyone.

  • Go to 'Settings' of your smartphone and then open 'Display & Brightness';
  • In the window that opens, find the 'Dark Mode' parameter and enable it;

How to enable night mode in google maps.  Almost

You can enable the night theme in Google Maps via the Google app

  • Now launch the Google application and enter the name of the type of institution in the search box (cafe, restaurant, school, market, train station);
  • Click on the map widget that appears in the search results and you will see the night theme in google maps.

After you activate the night mode in Google maps as described above, you will be able to navigate the application interface, look for new establishments, streets, addresses and locations of specific authorities, and also receive information about them that is available from Google. But you will not be able to turn on the navigator mode, as well as plot a route from one point to another. To do this, you will have to launch a stand-alone Google Maps application, where all the functionality will be available, but without the night theme.

Google Maps update with night theme

How to enable night mode in google maps.  Almost

Obviously Google is gearing up to launch a night theme on Google Maps

I understand perfectly well that the proposed method is a half-measure, to which many, most likely, will not agree. First, night mode cards provide access to a limited set of features. Secondly, in order to find something, you have to take more active actions. And, thirdly, it will be possible to enable night mode in Google maps only on devices running Android 10 and newer, because only they have support for the system night theme, which applies to all installed applications. But for what?

Most likely, the night mode in Google maps, which we saw in the Google search application, is a kind of prelude to the launch of a full-fledged night theme in Google Maps. After all, it is clear that it was not the algorithms Android 10 that repainted the map interface, but the designers themselves. This means that the company is actively preparing to launch a new version for its cartographic service. Another question is when to wait for the release, since in such matters developers usually try not to rush.

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