Why the plastic case of the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 is good

When we buy a new phone, we count on premium materials and exceptional reliability. We want to get only the best quality and keep the smartphone in its original form, even after two or three years of use. We are all accustomed to the fact that an expensive modern smartphone should be made of glass and metal. In the end, when Samsung released the plastic Galaxy Note 20, users took it as an insult. Especially against the backdrop of the fact that the company also installed Exynos 990 processors in some models, which in some tests are very much inferior to Snapdragon 865+. The smartphone is gradually becoming more and more studied and now experts have established whether it is really so bad that the novelty has a plastic case.

Why the plastic case of the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 is good

It turns out that the plastic case can have its advantages.

What's inside the Samsung Galaxy Note 20

A recent “study” by PBKreviews proves that a plastic back cover can indeed be an advantage for Samsung's new smartphone. Disassembly, carried out by experts, shows that the younger of the two new Note devices will be much easier to repair. This applies not only to smartphones of the Galaxy Note 20 series, but also when comparing the subject with other devices.

As a result, Samsung's controversial decision in some way may turn out to be a real gift for those who often break smartphones for one reason or another. Service centers in this case will take much less money for repairs.

Galaxy Note 20 disassembly

The advantage of the plastic base for the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 became apparent immediately at the very beginning of the disassembly. The glue with which the lid is glued to the base is softened with a special heat gun or hair dryer. As a result, the glue on the back of the novelty came off much easier and easier than on similar glass models. In turn, this not only makes work easier and faster, but also reduces the risk of damage to the rear wall. If you bend the glass panel a little more, it will break and repair will become many times more expensive. These risks are also included by the services in the cost of the work performed.

There are also not many complicated connectors left under the metal plate on the back. The only complication is that the mount uses as many as 17 Phillips head screws. They must be unscrewed all in order to continue dismantling the components. Most likely, this design is used in order to increase the strength, since the plastic back wall is softer than glass and does not contribute to the overall strength of the structure. It turns out to be less resistant to bending, and, accordingly, to falls. After all, it is the deformation during a fall that is most often the cause of breakage.

Why the plastic case of the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 is good

Many people think that if the body of a smartphone is plastic, then it should not cost $ 1,000. In general, they are right.

After you unscrew the back panel and wireless charging pad, you will see what looks like LEGO-style connectors. Detaching them allows the entire module to “detach” from the frame, allowing easy access to the rest of the components.

Once the plate and wireless charging are detached from the rest of the components, there are literally a few screws and cables that must be removed to remove the rest of the components, including the cameras.

The biggest problem with repairs is the battery, which will be very difficult to remove. There are no traditional tabs in this case for quickly dismantling the battery. As a result, it will have to be removed manually, and this process is long and painful. It takes a lot of work to deal with the durable adhesive.

Why the plastic case of the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 is good

Inside, the Galaxy Note 20, like other smartphones, is beautiful.

It is also worth noting that the screen is also kept only on glue. Although, it cannot be said that this goes beyond the usual practice. Almost all manufacturers have done and continue to do so. Moreover, if you do not support the display, it still needs to be glued so that the smartphone has protection from water. The screen detaches in much the same way as the back wall. It just needs to be heated and after that you can lift the module, disconnecting it for replacement or other operations.

Glass or plastic smartphone. What's better

I decided for myself that I like glass models. Before that, I preferred aluminum. The advantage of glass is that it is much nicer (in my opinion) in the hand and is much stronger if you don't drop the phone.

Why the plastic case of the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 is good

The screen must be well fixed so that there are no problems.

If you drop your smartphone, the glass may break. This is a problem, but the plastic won't remain intact either. It will be scratched and in some cases, quite deep marks may remain on it. If the fall was from a small height onto concrete or asphalt, and as a result, the smartphone slid on their surface, the glass, most likely, will be almost nothing, and the plastic will turn into a sad sight.

On the other hand, glass may not survive a fall from a height of one and a half meters onto a wooden floor, and plastic will not suffer at all. As a result, it is fair to say that there are no two identical falls, and in the same situation you can break or not break a smartphone. Therefore, you need to choose according to your preferences, and if you are afraid of falls, use a cover.

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