Everything worth knowing if you are considering purchasing the Samsung S8 +

Samsung Model S8 + Many were looking forward to the release of the eighth generation of S-series smartphones. First of all, I was interested in what innovations the South Korean manufacturer of equipment will use in order to remain the main opponent of the company Apple in the mobile technology market.

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On March 29, 2017, the world Android – devices were officially replenished with two more new products, of which the older version is of particular interest. You can buy Samsung S8 + 'Hello'. Several factors play in favor of choosing a flagship.

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Unique borderless display. The diagonal of the screen is 6.2 inches. Due to the fact that the corporate logo and the Home key have been removed from the front panel, the frames around the display are minimal, which, together with the edges rounded on the sides, ensures compactness, ergonomics and allows you to feel the effect of complete immersion. Super AMOLED – the display guarantees natural color reproduction, a large margin of brightness and contrast.

Protection of information. The smartphone has three biometric scanners – a fingerprint sensor (located on the back side next to the camera module), an iris scanner, and a face recognition function. Unlocking the flagship using one of them can be simple and quick: for example, the function of reading the outlines of the face by the front camera is triggered in 0.1 seconds.

Saw and moisture protection. S8 + is IP68 compliant. It can stay for a short time at a depth of 1.5 meters. With it, you can easily take colorful underwater photos or be able to answer an important call under a shower. Comparison of two models

Fast charging function. If you own an S8 +, you don't have to constantly look for power supplies. 15 minutes of connection to the network will allow you to work with the phone for 5 hours. Battery capacity – 3500 mAh.

Dual Pixel technology. Installed in the main camera. It delivers fast, flawless autofocusing so fast that even the sharpest movements can be captured. The bright f / 1.7 lens guarantees colorful and rich shots in low light conditions.

PC mode. A docking station is included with the equipment. By connecting a monitor, keyboard, mouse, you turn your smartphone into a full-fledged computer to continue working with Office programs Microsoft, chatting on social networks and performing other tasks.
Bixby. It is an intelligently controlled personal voice assistant. He easily recognizes the item from the picture displayed on the screen, and suggests shops where you can buy the product. The assistant works when viewing media in the gallery, in e-mail. It will become even easier to set up sending a letter with an attached file to a selected recipient from a contact list: just set a task for Bixby.

A very powerful processor. The device has an eight-core processor that provides a 10-nanometer process technology. At the presentation, they promised an increase in computing speed of 10% and graphics by 21%, compared to the Galaxy S7.

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