How to download a backup from any Google app

Google has a lot of services and applications, the number of which can be envied even Apple. All of them form a vast ecosystem with a wide range of capabilities that most users do not even know about. For example, few people know that Google Chrome has a hardware acceleration function that increases browser performance, Google Assistant can refund money for mistakenly purchased applications, and Google Play periodically distributes small amounts of money that can be used to buy software or games. But if you could find out about these features yourself, then about the Archiver – hardly.

How to download a backup from any Google app

Google lets you pull all data from its apps

Why Google Archiver is needed

Google has a service with a simple name 'Google Archiver', which, however, does not have a separate application and is available exclusively in the web version. It, as the name suggests, is a repository of all data about your person that Google has. These are not only voice commands addressed to the Google Assistant, or search queries dictated in Google Chrome, but really everything – from the list of contacts and reminders to purchases, reservations and preferred ways to enter text on the keyboard, not to mention directions in Google Maps and history. transactions in Google Pay.

However, the purpose of the 'Google Archiver' is not only to store confidential information about users, but also to execute requests for downloading the necessary information. The service allows you to extract a backup from any Google application or service that you use by uploading it to a computer or any other device, and, if necessary, use it in a third-party service. This way, for example, you can transfer your browsing history and bookmarks from Google Chrome to another browser or select news sources from Google News to another news application.

How to copy data from Google apps

  • Go to the 'Google Archiver' page using this link;
  • Find the services you need from which you want to extract all the data, and check the boxes next to them;

How to download a backup from any Google app

Google Archiver allows you to back up any Google application

  • Then select the method of receiving the data, the type of file in which it will be saved, and the frequency of creating a copy;

How to download a backup from any Google app

Google app data is freely available

  • After that click 'Create Export' and wait until Google prepares your data;
  • Go to the mail, open the link with the data and download the file to your computer.

The preparation can take from a few minutes to several days, depending on the amount of data requested. In my case, everything took no more than a minute, however, and I only requested the location history in Google Maps. But keep in mind that if you're claiming, say, photos from 'Google Photos' or anything equally 'heavy', expect to have to wait. After that, you can either view the received amount of information, or upload it to a third-party service that you have chosen to replace the Google solution.

Should I use Google Archiver?

'Google Archiver' is convenient for everyone. Not only does it allow you to extract information from any Google service or application, without exception, unlike Apple, which decides what data you can get and where from, it also makes it possible to independently choose the format, in which you want to receive the information package. Google may not be very responsive to user safety, but the comfort you get when interacting with its services deserves the highest praise.

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