I hate Chinese smartphones for their awful design.

There are very few truly beautiful smartphones today. Manufacturers are chasing the performance, photo and video capabilities of phones. We're chasing after RAM and built-in memory, but that's not what really should be the reason for buying this or that phone. Every year there is a significant increase in productivity, and there have not yet been cases when phones in this matter somehow did not go ahead, so it’s not surprising that devices in 2020 are more productive than phones in 2019.

I hate Chinese smartphones for their awful design.

I hate Chinese smartphones for their awful design.

You need to understand that magic is not happening in this matter. And if in 2020 in AnTuTu devices are gaining 500 thousand points, then it is unlikely that in 2021 the performance will increase 2 times. You need to understand that it becomes more difficult for chipset manufacturers to achieve high capacities with the same dimensions. If the first flagship processors of the Snapdragon 800 line had a heat dissipation rate of 3 W, then today we are talking about 5 W. In simple words, processors are getting hotter and more power hungry, these problems are solved by using various cooling systems, but the main point is that every year it will be more difficult for companies to surprise in this matter.

Cameras in smartphones

Yes, it's cool when your phone's camera allows you to take pictures that are not inferior in quality to professional solutions. And I agree that the camera is probably second in importance after software quality today. But in third place, I would put the appearance of the phone. And with this we have obvious problems.

Smartphones with beautiful designs

Design, of course, is a very subjective matter, so I do not pretend that my position is considered objective by someone. On the contrary, I will try to present the most subjective content with which you can agree or disagree. So what do I want to tell you about? The bottom line is that today there are very few well-designed phones, and these are just my subjective observations. Design and tactile experience are extremely important, which is why I still respect the company Apple. You can, of course, shower me with tomatoes or cucumbers (as you like), but the fact remains that in the matter of device design Apple, the leaders are still leaders. This is how iPhone 11 looks like:

I hate Chinese smartphones for their awful design.

iPhone 11

And he's just amazing. Take a look at the identical frame around the perimeter, smooth lines – everything in this phone is in harmony. And here is another device, but from Essential:

I hate Chinese smartphones for their awful design.

Essential Phone PH-1

And he looks great, you must agree. In addition, there is a titanium case with ceramic. Where else can this be observed in modern devices?

The Google Pixel line smartphones also look very good. For example, the Pixel 4:

I hate Chinese smartphones for their awful design.

Google Pixel 4

It looks neat, stylish, has nice materials and discreet design. Cool? Cool!

Why do phones look so bad?

Now let's take a look at the Chinese. Here is the machine Huawei:

I hate Chinese smartphones for their awful design.

Honor 9X Pro

The Xioami company has not distinguished itself with its love of design:

I hate Chinese smartphones for their awful design.

Xiaomi Mi 10

The same goes for BBK brands:

I hate Chinese smartphones for their awful design.

Oppo find x

Where is the beautiful design?

For some reason, the Chinese think that if the phone has bright iridescent colors, then it automatically becomes beautiful. Also, the Chinese devices have these ridiculous outgoing cameras, these ridiculous frames, which are different around the perimeter of the phone. Yes, the Pixel 4 also has a different top bezel, but the phone still looks pretty cute. In the case of Chinese devices, the situation is also aggravated by software.

Chinese shells are terrible

I will not stop thinking Chinese skins are terrible in terms of design and interface cleanliness. In the case of iOS, we are dealing with a design that has not changed since 2013 and still looks amazing. In the case of Pixel, we have a cool clean Android with Material Design 2.0 that is a pleasure to use. Even Samsung with One UI 2.0 looks more interesting compared to Chinese skins.

In addition, the owners of Chinese devices are dealing with constant advertising that turns the system into a bunch of junk software. I don’t know why Chinese phones look so cheap in terms of design, and this even applies to some Huawei Mate 30 Pro:

I hate Chinese smartphones for their awful design.

Huawei Mate 30 Pro

This is a truly ugly phone packed with the latest technology. And I, for example, would not buy it for the same 60-70 thousand, which are asked for iPhone 11. And it seems there is no problem to hire a designer from the USA to get a smartphone that will appeal to the whole world, and not only to the Chinese, and why they do not do this until now, for example, I do not understand.

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