How to disable Safe Mode on Android?

Safe mode During the use of an Android-based device, it does not matter whether it is a smartphone or a tablet, the user must install and remove any applications, visit sites, exchange data. Any action can cause the operating system to malfunction.

There can be a great many errors, and besides, there is a risk of infecting a smartphone with a virus or downloading a program that has an incorrect code.

Application not responding


There can be a lot of complications when using a smartphone:

  • On the Internet, you can infect the device's memory with a virus that collects important personal information (card numbers, codes, files), can block the operation of the device (banner or processor overload), send secret SMS messages to paid numbers.
  • When uninstalling and reinstalling programs, adjusting the contact list and other user actions, an application conflict may occur.

You can try to fix all errors yourself. For such cases, the operating system implements the ability to start the device in safe mode.

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What is this mode?

Smartphone Safe Mode is roughly the same as on a computer. When the device starts up, only the standard programs provided by the manufacturer (messages, phone, file manager and others) are activated.

In this state, the smartphone allows operations with data or applications without connecting third-party programs. The user can delete a questionable file or dangerous application without threatening to harm the device.

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How do I turn Safe Mode on and off?

The startup method in security mode may differ depending on the device. To carry out the operation, you must turn off your smartphone and hold down a special key combination. For most devices, these are the Power button and Volume Up. The second universal option is to keep the power off icon on the screen.

After a few seconds, the system prompts you to boot the device in safe mode.

Entering Safe Mode

As a result, the smartphone reboots.

To exit safe mode, just restart the device in the usual way.

If the phone displays a message about the impossibility of performing a process or action, a banner is lit on the screen, or there is another error, contact the service center. Or perform a “hard reset”.

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